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Academy Improvement Plan

Each year we analyse our data, our monitoring and all other information we have about our academy including information we get from children and parents. We use this to see what our strengths are and where we can make improvements.  The governors and staff work together as a team to ensure the academy improvement plan is effective in improving the provision for all our children.  

We celebrate the fact that we are a good academy and we are always striving to be even better, we want to be outstanding! 

This year our key focus areas for improvement are;

1.   Attainment and progress in English across school with a particular focus on Reading and SPAG
  • To ensure staff have the skills, knowledge and resources to plan effective teaching and learning opportunities for SPAG, Reading and writing.
  • Continue to embed procedures for assessing progress in SPAG and reading.
  • To continue to raise achievement in spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout school.
  • To raise attainment in reading at the end of Key Stage two.
  • To improve the performance of specific groups, including boys, the most able and pupil premium children. 
  • To ensure consistency and progression of writing throughout school.
  • To develop resilient, self-motivated and self-assured learners

2.  Attainment and progress of Pupil Premium children
  • Close the gap in attainment and achievement of pupil premium and non-pupil premium children.
  • To ensure that all PP pupils receive quality first teaching that is pitched accurately to their learning needs which provides appropriate challenge and allows good progress to be made.
  • To raise the progress and attainment for all pupil premium children with a particular focus on boys and the more able.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to be successful and confident.
  • To involve and enthuse the parents of PP pupils in their child’s education and development.

3.  Quality of teaching and learning in the Foundation Subjects
  • Develop and refine the whole school curriculum for our focus subjects (History, Geography, Science and Art) ensuring depth and challenge in all.
  • To raise standards of teaching and learning in Science, The Humanities (History, Geography, RE) and Art.
  • To develop a whole school enquiry based curriculum.

4. Increasing understanding and tolerance of diversity
  • Develop personal identity and sense of belonging which allows children to flourish in a cohesive society.
  • Developing informed, ethical views of complex issues.
  • To create good relationships between different groups and a good understanding of the differences between people, beliefs and cultures.
  • Ensure everyone in the academy is treated fairly.
  • To celebrate difference.

Have a look at our Academy Improvement Plan below for more details.