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Autumn Term 1

Welcome to Little Rainbows Nursery Class


During the first few weeks we will be settling in, getting to know the adults in the unit and making new friends. We will be learning the rules and routines in the Foundation Unit. The children will be introduced to our Foundation Unit Gold Standards and will learn how to be Learning Superheroes. The staff will also be getting to know the children through observations.



Ourselves is our topic work for this term. The children will explore the topic in different ways based on what they already know and what they would like to find out. We will explore the topic through Maisie and Spot stories Throughout our topic work we will develop our communication skills - listening to others and explaining our own knowledge and ideas, asking questions and using new words from the topic. We will also be making our very own "All About Me" book. The children have already started on these by painting their eye colour and taking a Selfie for the front cover.



In maths we will practice rote counting to 10 and sometimes beyond, touch counting as we count each other at carpet times.We will be doing some positional language such as in front, behind, beside, on and under. We will be sorting items into categories such as colour, shape and size.


Phonics (reading and writing)

In phonics the children will be learninglots of songs and rhymes and aiming to get the nursery rhyme challenge certificate.


Physical Development

the children will be learning new fine motor skills :- using scissors and other one handed tools effectively.

we will also be doing our regular "Wiggle & Giggle" sessions where the children will learn to move in a variety of ways and all about the importance of excersise.