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Early Years Curriculum

Children in our Early Years Foundation Stage follow the curriculum set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage documentation. It is designed to encourage practical, investigative, exploratory and creative learning. The children are encouraged to develop their learning both inside and outside the classroom or setting.

Children love finding out about things and it helps to build their independence in learning when they are able to follow their interests.

Detailed information about the curriculum can be found by either enquiring in the academy or by clicking on the link below. This will lead you to sites that give full explanations and examples of the kind of work children do in this Key Stage. Parents are encouraged to work with the academy by carrying out similar activities at home and then sharing information with the academy as to what their child has done and how they enjoyed it.

There are seven areas of learning that we cover in our setting (both indoors and out). The emphasis is on the "learning most essential for children's readiness for future learning & healthy development." (EYFS statutory framework). The areas of learning are split into 3 prime and four specific areas of learning.

3 Prime Areas of learning which underpin all other learning areas: 
 ·        Personal, Social and Emotional Development
·         Communication and Language
·         Physical Development
4 Specific Areas, which include essential skills and knowledge:
·         Literacy
·         Mathematics
·         Understanding the World
·         Expressive Arts and Design

We have a wide variety of themes this year which are interwoven with the children’s needs and interests and the ‘rhythm of the year’. By ‘rhythm of the year’ we are referring to seasons and special calendar events. 

In the Foundation Stage, the staff create booklets about the learning journeys of every child which include examples of work the child has done.

On our Class Page on this website, we put every week what the focus of the week is and what we are learning about.