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Our Curriculum September 2016 - July 2017

  Autumn Spring Summer
Y1 & 2 Great and Ghastly Events (Hist)
Materials (Sci Y1&2)
Out of this world
(Hist - Famous People)
Light and Dark (our Sci curr)
Sea and Shore
(Geog & Sci;
 Living Things and their Habitats Y2
Animals, including humans Y1)
Y3 & 4 Mountains
(Geog & Sci: Living Things and their Habitats Y4 & Rocks Y3)
Rotten Romans
(Hist including local history of Lincoln)
(Sci Y3)
Land of Hope and Glory
(Geog & Hist London)

(Sci Y4)
Y5 & 6 Earthquakes (Geog)
Light (Sci Y6)
Crime and Punishment (Hist)
Out of this world
(Sci Earth and Space Y5)
Vicious Vikings
(Local Hist & Geog (York) &
Sci: Evolution and inheritance Y6)