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PE and Sport Premium

Sports Premium Funding 2016/17

What is the Sport Premium Grant?

Sport Premium is an amount of money which the government has agreed to allocate to schools. The funding amount schools receive is based upon the number of children of primary age in the school. The Sport Premium is to be used to increase the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision and to increase participation in PE and Sport. At Crowle Primary Academy, we strive to promote healthy and active lifestyles and aim to provide sporting opportunities for all our pupils.

Our PE and Sport Vision

All pupils and staff were involved in creating a Vision for PE and Sports for Crowle Primary Academy and this was shared with parents and governors.
At Crowle Primary Academy we deliver PE lessons that are fair, challenging and enjoyable. Through PE we  learn a wide range of sports and skills so that we can perform well in games and competitions. We want PE to help us to get fit and to lead healthy lifestyles. Everyone should be able to take part in PE and have the chance to become a Sports Leader.

Funding 2016-17
Allocation - £8000
Plus £5 per pupil - £995

Total Funding - £8995

Activities funded by the grant

School Sports Partnership including SSCo support within the Axholme Academy cluster



Active Lunchtimes




Flags, stickers




Wide range of competitions, staff cover




Mentoring of dance



Sporting opportunities

Volleyball and scootering



Intra-school competition

Sports day



Football kit – donated



Including garage storage






After school clubs subs

Acro, football, Tae Kwondo


Subject leader time





Funding 2015-16    
Funding Amount
Allocation £8,000.00
Plus £5 per pupil    £980.00
Total £8,980.00
Funding 2014-15
Funding Amount
Allocation £8,000.00
Plus £5 per pupil £915.00
Total £8,915.00
It is for schools to decide how the Sports Premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess areas for improvement. Audits of teacher skills and confidence, PE provision and resources and results from pupil voice surveys are some of the tools used to allocate the funding expenditure.
Please see below for information regarding how the PE and Sport Premium has been spent the previous academic years.
Amount received
Activities funded by the grant
School Sports Partnership including SSCo support within the North Axholme cluster
Sports Ambassador/Leader training/ Physical Activity programme/ Subject Leader support day/ Positive active lunchtimes/ Superstars programme
CPD including cover and Sports coaches to work alongside teachers
Gym mentoring/ Leader development inc. differentiation/ Team teaching – volleyball/athletics/tag rugby/ basketball/ change4life/ Ruggereds rugby

Subject leader time

Competition including cover, transport and celebration
Includes local cluster, Nlincs competitions and G&T athletics at EIS, Sheffield
General/ FS physical to match new planning/ mini volleyball / gymnastic and playtime equipment
Out of School Clubs
Football/ Dance/ Taek wando
Intra school sports events and competitions
Cricket Affiliation/ Sports Day coaches – badminton/ dance/ taek wando / OAA
PE Kits/ Costumes £91.50
Sports Leaders and Ambassadors £162.77
FS Planning
Total £8980.00
Amount received
Activities funded by the grant
School Sports Partnership including SSCo support within the North Axholme cluster £2,500.00
CPD including cover and Sports coaches
Competition including transport and celebration
Intra school sports events and competitions
Subject Leader Time
Total £8,915.00

Impact of Sports Premium Funding 2016/2017 and Sustainability
  • The Academy achieved Sainsbury’s School Gold status for the academic year 2016-2017 (for the third year running) demonstrating our commitment to excellence in PE and Sport and providing opportunities for all.
  • PE has a high status within school. The Academy's Vision for PE and Sport is displayed on the PE noticeboard in the corridor of the academy and provides information regarding Sports Premium and Sports Events and this is also reflected on the school website and in the termly newsletter. Furthermore, PE is celebrated during whole school assemblies and celebrations.
  • Teacher training has increased the confidence and skills of class teachers in delivering high quality PE lessons following a skills audit and an annual schedule of CPD designed to meet the specific needs of all teachers with a focus on team teaching to ensure sustainability.
  • Training for Sports Ambassadors and Sports Leaders in organising and managing physical activity ensures that healthy lifestyles are promoted at all opportune moments during the school day. These children were timetabled to deliver physical activities Tues – Thurs each week.
  • Primary steps in PE planning, the yearly curriculum objective grid for PE and CPD programmes have given teachers increased confidence to teach the new PE curriculum. We also use the primary steps physical programme for Early Years to support with planning and delivery.
  • The curriculum has been enriched with opportunities for all pupils to participate in inter and intra school sporting events and PE provision and extra-curricular sports clubs aim to fit with current sporting events within the cluster and the local authority.
  • All children from years 1-6 were allocated an intra school team, for which they competed in a variety of events throughout the year. This gave all pupils the opportunity to represent their team in competitive activities. Results from these were displayed on the PE noticeboard.
  • The range, variety, quality and expertise of after-school sporting provision has increased e.g. Acro, Football and Taekwando.
  • Opportunities for 'vulnerable' groups and less confident individuals to participate in sporting activities are organised, which would otherwise be beyond their means e.g. the inclusive festivals.
  • Opportunities for gifted and talented pupils - trips such as EIS stadium tour to inspire children to pursue a love of sport.
  • New resources invigorate PE lessons and emphasise the importance we place on sports at our school.
  • The development of intra and inter school competitions provides all children with the opportunity to access experiences that they may otherwise be unable to. An increasing number of children have had the honour and take pride in representing their school in competitions through B+ teams in sporting competitions and events such as Sports Day and the Race for Life and in Cross Country where the whole of Key Stage 2 take part.
  • Opportunities to promote Healthy lifestyles are woven into the curriculum, Sports equipment being available at breaktimes and lunchtimes (This was led by Pulse for part of the year, supported by the sports ambassadors and leaders). Activities such as Skip4life and individual class fitness challenges are improving the health and fitness of pupils. We are also involved with whole school initiatives e.g. It’s Catching.
  • The development of Year 6 Sports Ambassadors and key stage 2 Sports Leaders in school has a positive impact on fitness and behaviour through their role in promoting sports, role-modelling good behaviour and leading lunchtime sports clubs. They were also involved in collecting pupil opinion on sports opportunities we should offer using the sports premium money.
  • Analysis of end of year data shows that the vast majority of pupils reached the age related standard for PE and in most year groups, there was also a proportion of children who exceeded this standard. The data also showed good progress is being made thoughout the year and more children are meeting the required standard.
  • The pupil questionnaire showed very positive results with the vast majority of children saying they 'liked' PE lessons.
  • There is evidence that as a result of improved PE and Sports provision including at lunchtimes and breaktimes, the children at Crowle Primary Academy have greater concentration in lessons which impacts on attainment throughout the school.

Overall, the Academy is using the funding to develop the PE Leader and teaching staff to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. This focus has ensured a sustainable and measurable use of the Sports Premium funding, PE lessons are now delivered by more confident and competent staff who are clear of the expectations.  The purchase of new equipment and resources ensure quality PE sessions and improve the range and variety of sports on offer including inclusive sports.
Healthier lifestyles and positive attitudes to fitness, health and well-being are promoted during and after school. Children now understand and experience the benefits of this and have set higher expectations of themselves in being healthier.  Competitive sport and celebration means PE and sport has a high status in school and groups of pupils including gifted and talented and SEN children have opportunities to represent the academy. Children now demonstrate a good attitude to PE and Sport. Sports Leaders and Primary Ambassadors are excellent role models for behaviour and encourage physical activity which impacts on behaviour and concentration in all lessons.
The Sports Premium funding has allowed the academy to create a cultural shift.  Children starting at the academy now know they need to work hard to meet the clear objectives set in their structured, high quality PE lessons, they see that all break times are active and led by trained role models who they look up to and aspire to be like. They are keen take part in the many clubs offered outside of school and they are enthusiastic, proud and determined when given the opportunities to represent the academy.  Now the culture is in place we know it will continue for many years to come