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Safeguarding and Inclusion Policies

Safeguarding Rhonda Blakemore Oct 2016 Oct 2017
Child Protection Rhonda Blakemore Oct 2016 Oct 2017
Behaviour R.Blakemore/ C.Hegarty Nov 2016 Nov 2017
Anti-Bullying Anna Cvijetic Mar 2016 Mar 2019
Anti-Bullying Child Version Cat Hegarty Apr 2016 Apr 2019
SEND Rebecca Greaves Nov 2016 Nov 2017
Security Anna Cvijetic June 2016 Nov 2019
Contingency Plan Michelle Temperton Jun 2016 Jun 2019
Educational Visits Rhonda Blakemore Jun 2017 Jun2020
Intimate care Erica Fawcett Oct 2016 Oct 2017
Internet Cat Hegarty Mar 2017 Mar 2018
Photography Anna Cvijetic Nov 2014 Nov 2017
Health and Safety Michelle Temperton June 2016 June 2017
Playtime Rhonda Blakemore  Nov 2016 Nov 2018
Attendance Anna Cvijetic & Gail Riggott Jun 2015 Jun 2018
Supporting children with medical needs Anna Cvijetic Nov 2014 Nov 2017
Bereavement Rhonda Blakemore/ Jane Howden March 2017 March 2020
Continence North Lincs LA Mar 2010  
Equality (including Accessibility Plan) Anna Cvijetic Jan 2016 Jan 2019
Voluntary Helpers in School Trudy Parkin May 2017 May 2020
Nursery Admissions Arrangement North Lincs LA Oct 2014 Oct 2017
Parking Anna Cvijetic Mar 2015 Mar 2018
Audio and Video Recording Anna Cvijetic Oct 2015 Oct 2018
Admissions North Lincs LA Oct 2015 Oct 2016
Child Missing from Education North Lincs LA Oct 2010  
Complaints Rhonda Blakemore  Sept 2016 Sept 2019
Complaints against Governors North Lincs LA Sept 2016 Sept 2019
Home Visits Erica Fawcett Nov 2016 Nov 2019
Hot drinks Rhonda Blakemore Nov 2016 Nov 2019
Lone Worker Michelle Temperton  Mar 2017 Mar 2020
Governor Code of Conduct North Lincs LA Feb 2015 Feb 2018
Smoking North Lincs LA Oct 2015  
Separated Parents Michelle Temperton Feb 2017 Feb 2020