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A Look back at Autumn 1

A fabulous half term - well done Snowy Owls we had a great start to our learning journey


We enjoyed English lessons based on the novel ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We have used our writing skills to write a newspaper article and fictional stories based on this text. We have used our ERIC skills - explain, retrieval, inference and (author) choice to deepen our understanding of the story through reading lessons.


In spelling we have been learning spelling strategies, exploring ‘er’, ‘ed’, ‘s’ and ‘es’ and ‘ing’ endings, spellings of alternative sounds ‘eigh’, contractions, adding prefixes ‘un’ and ‘dis’ and exploring homophones.


In Rainbow Grammar we have been learning about nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and determiners. We have also explored speech and we have practised writing our own sentences containing speech with the coloured cards.


We have practised handwriting joins to ensure we are at gold standard!


In maths we began our new maths mastery learning, using bar models and place value to ensure we have a secure understanding of number. We also consolidated our learning in addition and subtraction - moving onto 4-digit numbers.



In art we have brought our drawings to life through exploring pencil grades, tone, texture, shadow, reflection and creating movement.


In science we explored wild animals and plants which thrive in our locality. We enjoyed a talk from the Wildlife Trust and also explored the dinosaurs that would have lived in our locality during the Jurassic period. We also looked at threats to animals by exploring extinction and the reasons animals are endangered.


In Geography we have looked at continents of the world, countries in Europe, European capital cities, the British Isles and York. We know why settlers chose York in the past and created a brochure of York showing why it is a great place to be today.


In RE we explored Sikhism and at the end we got to taste a special cake made by Mrs Rawlings.


In computing we have researched information for science and geography and created branching stories using powerpoint.


In music we learnt how to listen and appraise different songs. We enjoyed performing the song ‘Let your spirit fly’ and adding musical accompaniment to our voices.


In French we celebrated European Languages day on 26th September and have learnt how to greet and introduce ourselves and say our name and our age.


In PE we enjoyed learning throwing, catching and tactical skills through invasion games such as benchball and football.


In PSHCE we have learnt how to set goals, face challenges, why rules are needed and about making responsible choices.