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A look back at autumn 2

A look back at autumn 2


This half term has been very busy. In  addition to all our fabulous learning detailed below we have enjoyed activities and events relating to Halloween, Remembrance and Christmas. We have also raised money for Children in Need, took part in a Spelling Bee and kept healthy through our physical activities including skipping and running (many of us reached our lap targets this term) and making healthy food choices following our packed lunch talk with Jess.


This half term our focus in English was picture books by the author Anthony Brown. We really enjoyed exploring  'Voices in the Park'; writing character descriptions, letters, diary extracts, chapters and stories based on the books and answering questions about the text in reading using our ERIC skills - explain, retrieval, inference and (author) choice . We also read many texts and watched video clips about Romans in reading sessions to support our History topic. We particularly enjoyed learning about life in the Roman army.


In maths we learnt new strategies for completing addition and subtraction calculations including using column addition and subtraction, following completion of our data handling unit. We also began a new topic on length and perimeter and have learnt how to use standard and metre rulers correctly and accurately to measure in mm, cm and m, estimate measures, select the correct unit of measure for different objects and calculate the perimeter of an object.


In spelling we have used sounds and syllables to learn how to spell different words and to improve our knowledge of spelling patterns.


In grammar we have explored nouns, verbs, determiners, noun phrases and coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and have begun to analyse adverbial phrases.


In science we had great fun exploring sound and hearing through the question - Why is the sound that 'Little Mix' makes enjoyed by so many? We appraised different genres of music and learnt how sounds are made and how our ears work. We also looked at telephones and made our own telephone lines using plastic cups and string. We particularly enjoyed our plastic straw experiment to help us understand pitch and volume.


In art we learnt about the history of Roman mosaics and made our own mosaics based on the chosen theme fruit and pattern.


In history our focus was the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. It was fascinating seeing how the Roman Empire changed on the timeline and we particularly enjoyed learning about the Roman army. We really enjoyed reenacting a Testudo battle formation in the hall using latin commands.


In RE we explored Christmas through the question ‘Has Christmas lost its true meaning?’


In computing we practised coding and discussed keeping safe online.


In music we explored the language of music through playing the glockenspiel. We learnt how to recognise crochets and quavers and played music on the glockenspiel using up to three notes.


In French we learnt how to say what we can do well, how to celebrate achievements and about special occasions such as birthdays in the topic ‘On fait la fête’.


In DT we explored, designed, made and evaluated a Roman draw string purse.


In PE our topics were gymnastics and invasion games. In gym we practised and performed different balances. In invasion games we learnt to send and receive a ball and the skills evasion, shooting, attacking and defending through a game.