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A look back at Autumn term 1

We have achieved a lot in the 7 weeks we have been back and I am very proud of you all.

English - We have read the stories of Silly Billy, Operation Night Monster and The Dark. In these stories we explored character's feelings and how they faced up to their fears. We planned and wrote our own stories about shadows and the dark.

We also had the pleasure of working with a poet called Conrad.  We had a great time writing our own poems about bubbles.  We carried on our poetry writing to write about autumn leaves.

In addition to this we were fortunate to have a writing session with a poet named Conrad, he really inspired the children and made us all laugh too!

Maths - We have been working really hard in our maths lessons this half term and have covered a lot of topics.  We have been learning about number, comparing them, ordering them and practising our number formation.  We also learnt about 'crocodiles' or < and > to help us compare numbers greater than and less than.  We enjoyed our week about shape where we learnt about symmetry and right angles.  We have done lots of work about number bonds and how to use the 'easy' ones to help us work out the trickier ones.

Other subjects - We have really enjoyed finding out about the Great Fire of London.  We asked and answered lots of questions to find out why, where and when and we also looked at how the fire affected London after and how it was rebuilt.  We have started being scientists too this half term and have carried out our first investigation.  We wanted to know if all bubbles are round.  Mrs Parkin thought that if we had a heart shaped bubble wand then we would get heart shaped bubbles.  We proved her wrong!

What a busy half term we have had!  Let's hope the next one is just as rewarding!