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A look back at Autumn Term 1

We have had a great first half term, the children have worked so hard and have learnt so much already.

English - We have read the story of the Iron Man, this the children really enjoyed. Throughtout the book, we talked about the characters, setting and description, we used drama to show character feelings and created News Reports to show the events that happened. To finish the unit, the children have written their own versions of the Iron Man with such characters as: Silver Man, Football Man, Leaf Girl etc and come up with their own interesting plots. I am very proud of their efforts.
In addition to this we were fortunate to have a writing session with a poet named Conrad, he really inspired the children and made us all laugh too!

Maths - So far we have covered a number of Maths topics. We began with a focus on 2D and 3D shape ensuring we could use the correct terminology. We looked at lines of symmetry, regular and irregular shapes and used Venn and Carroll diagrams to sort shapes.
We then had a focus on place value where we focused on what a number is worth, ordering and comparing numbers. Finally we have had a big push on methods of addition and subtraction both mentally and written. Again, the children have worked really hard.

Other subjects - We have completed our first science topic looking at animals, habitats and dangers to the environment. In indoor PE we have really enjoyed getting the big apparatus out and using it to travel and balance on. In outdoor PE we have improved our throwing and catching skills and enjoyed applying our skills to 'hoop ball'.

Our first Inspire was a big success and the children have just enjoyed a cross - country event at the Axholme Academy. We also started the year with an exciting visit from Ben Pipes, who captained GB's Volleyball team at the London 2012 Olympics.

Overall, a great first term, well done Barn Owls!
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