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A look back at Autumn Term 2

Another busy half term for Snowy Owls! 

English - We enjoyed a poetry topic where we focussed on List Poems like the ones we enjoyed from Conrad's visit in Autumn 1. We also did a newspaper topic about Sports, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Maths - We had a big push on measures, particularly time and reading calendars. We then gained in confidence in multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. We then used this learning and applied it to measuring (length and capacity).

In the afternoons we have had a big focus on learning about mountains. We have learnt the vocabulary associated with mountains, the different types of mountains and the names of different mountain ranges. We all enjoyed learning about contours using slices of potato to help us visualize the contours of a mountain.

In DT we had to design and make a stuffed toy. We investigated different ways of fastening fabrics and then learnt different stitches. Blanket stitch was quite tricky but we used our effort and resilience learnability to support ourselves.  

Art was mainly reminding ourselves of the primary, secondary and tertiary colors and how to mix them. We also looked at contrasting and complementary colours.

Computing has been used throughout our other subjects to research and present our findings. We are getting experts at making power points and often choose to present our work using a power point.
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