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A look back at Spring Term 1

A Look Back at Spring 1

Forest Owls have had a brilliant start to the year. Here are some of our highlights:


In Maths, year 5 and 6 have been learning about angles and fractions. In their angles learning, the children created angle makers to help them visualise different types of angles. 


Forest Owls have been studying pieces of Ancient Greek myths and legends as part of their reading lessons. So far we have read: The Quest of Medusa's Head, Pandora's Box and The Story of Arachne. 


We have been learning about the properties of materials this term. The children have enjoyed the practical approach when trying to separate mixtures and solutions, as well as testing the properties themselves. All of this learning helped them in the final task of the unit- as escape room! The children had less than an hour to solve 10 problems about materials, which them gave them a digit code to escape. 


We have been developing our hockey and football skills this term. The children have enjoyed a workshop from some visitors from John Leggott College, who helped coach them in these sports. It was a lovely afternoon and we can't wait for another visit!