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A look back at Spring Term 1

A look back at Spring Term 1



During the Spring term we have been learning about the history of trains. First we had to ensure we understood the vocabulary used to describe trains. We now know what a locomotive is and can distinguish between tankers and tenders! It was fascinating finding out about the first steam trains and the children were so excited to see some trains up close at the National Railway Museum. At the museum we found out who George Stephenson was and why he was so important in the development of the railways. We look forward to continuing our learning about trains after half term.


Design and Technology

In DT we have been learning about different types of transport. We named a variety of vehicles and discussed their specific characteristics. In preparation for designing and building their own vehicles, the children found out about how wheels and axles work. The children were challenged to explore fixed wheels as well as static axles so that they could select their preferred method. The children then had to think about the materials that would work best for creating certain shapes. Along the way, the children found out that some materials were not suitable and that others worked better. They were very good at adapting their ideas to reflect their findings. The children have used all this knowledge to plan their own vehicles and we will be building their designs during Spring 2.


Physical Education

Indoor PE has been all about purpose, control and posture this half term as we improve our gymnastic skills. Building on from the balancing skills we developed in the Autumn term, we have been practicing a variety of gymnastic steps. The children had to create a short routine, combining steps and balances. In our outdoor PE lessons, we have been using a variety of equipment to improve our object control skills. The children have also been learning to move confidently in a range of ways, negotiating space safely.



As part of our ‘Charanga’ music lessons we have been learning In the Groove, a song created to teach children about different styles of music. Each week the children listened and learned a different style of In the Groove such as Broque, Folk and Latin. We are becoming increasingly skilled at appraising music and talking about the texture, dynamics and tempo. The children have also been improving their instrumental skills through playing the glockenspiel.



The Elf Owls have been busy in their ‘Maths Mastery’ lessons this half term. Year 2 have been learning to measure using a ruler and to tell the time to a quarter of an hour. They have also been learning about fractions. Year 1 have been exploring numbers to 50 and learning new strategies for addition and subtraction.