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A look back at Spring Term 1

English (Macbeth) - We have completed our study of Macbeth. Studying this play script enabled us to write some extended narratives - these were really great quality. We spent a lot of time developing our vocabulary and sentence structures. We were really proud of our writing. We also completed our study by writing the main events as a news article. Again, we worked really hard to use a formal tone, use a range of vocabulary and show a range of sentence structures. 
English (The Explorer) - We have recently started our new novel study. To launch the new book we enjoyed a craft session, ,making leaves, flowers and animals. We have used these to turn a section of our classroom into our very own rainforest. So far we have written a setting description of the Amazon. 
Year 6 Maths - In maths we enjoyed our learning on angles, we can measure and draw angles with increasing accuracy and calculate angles within polygons. We then focused on co-ordinates, reading and plotting these on a 4-quadrant grid. We then used this grid to practise translating and reflecting shapes. 
Science (Materials) - We have enjoyed lots of practical science lessons this half term. We have learnt about reversible and irreversible changes and how to separate mixtures. The following photos show us trying to separate mixtures using techniques such as sieving, filtering and using magnets. 
PE - In indoor PE we have been developing sequences which incorporated rolling, stepping and balancing. In outdoor PE, our topic focuses on hockey and football. We were lucky enough to have a sports afternoon led by some John Leggott College students.