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Autumn 2 learning

Welcome to Little Owls Reception Class


Homes and Communities

We continue our topic work by discussing where we live. We will explore the planet Earth and locate our part of the world. We will make maps of our local area and discuss familiar places in our community. Out topic work will be guided by what we already know and what we want to find out. 



Towards the end of the half term we will focus on the Christmas celebration and the Nativity story.



In maths we will practice rote counting to 100, touch counting accurately to 20 and counting back from 20 to O. We will say the number that is one more or one less than a given number  and record this in an addition or subtraction number sentence. We will practise writing numbers  and ordering numbers to 20. 


We will explore length, height and capacity (empty, full and half-full), describe and name 2d shapes and order days of the week. We will also be reciting the months of the year in order and recognising coins and their values.


Phonics (reading and writing)

In phonics the children will be learning to recognise hear and say the following phonemes using songs and actions:


Set 6: j, v, w, x

Set 7: y, z, zz, qu

Consonant digraphs: ch, sh, th, ng

Vowel digraphs: ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er


Children will be encouraged to use letter sounds to blend and segment words for reading and writing e.g. they will blend the sounds c-a-t to make cat and to find letters that make up the word pin, p-i-n.


We will also be learning to read the following tricky words: he, she, we, me, be, ws, you, they, all, are, my


The children will be introduced to the letter names through an alphabet song.


Physical Development

In PE our focus will be moving confidently in a range of ways and this will include using the apparatus and movement and dance activities. We will also practise object control.


The children will also be completing sessions entitled ‘Celebrating difference…’ in PSHE which builds on our topic work last half term.