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Autumn Term 2 learning



Autumn Term 2


We will continue with our eight rhyme challenge.

We will be having regular observation, listening and discussion session based around a theme. E.g. celebrations, hibernation and nocturnal animals and changes in the environment.

Through stories and the sharing of information books we will begin to answer inference and retrieval questions. We will be encouraged to join in with repeated refrains in stories.


Number Recognition/counting

In this unit the children will develop their knowledge of the number system and master recognising numbers to five/ten


In this unit the children will develop their understanding of  length.  We will learn how to  compare objects by size. 

Knowledge and Understanding of the world

Autumn and Celebrations!

In this unit the children will share their understanding of Autumn and learn about different celebrations including; bonfire night, Christmas and Diwali.

Self Confidence and self-awareness

The children will be encouraged to talk about the things that they are good at. They will be supported to verbally express their needs, wants, interests and opinions.

Children will be taught about how to be resilient and that achievements often take a lot of effort. 

Managing Feelings and behaviour

.Children will be taught strategies to resolve conflict in play with others and when working as part of a group.

Children will be taught to take turns and share failrly. 

Making Relationships

Children will be taught to play as part of a group making suggestions about what to play and where to play. 

Moving and Handling

Gross Motor Control- Movement

In this unit the children will learn how to move in a  variety of ways, (jumping, slithering, scuttling, striding etc.)

Fine Motor Control

The children will participate in daily activities to improve their fine motor control and ensure they develop an effective pencil grip. These activities include ; threading, playdough activities, scissor control, colouring, using tweezers amongst lots of other activities

Health and self-care

Children will begin to have an understanding of the need to sleep, eat and manage their basic hygiene.


Expressive Arts and Design

The children will learn a repertoire of new songs related to their learning.’ 

Children will be provided with stimulus and resources to explore different media e.g chalks, paints, workshop materials, atelier resources amongst other resources. Children will be taught how to use tools in order to be able to add simple detail.



Children will be taught to use ICT with help to document  experiences such as taking a photograph.

Children will be taught to use a simple age appropriate programme.