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Autumn Term 2 learning

Cycle B

Autumn Term 2

English Novel Study



Reading, writing and grammar skills will be taught through this novel study. At the end of the unit the children will write their own narrative based on the novel.


Reading, writing and grammar skills will be taught through this novel study. At the end of the unit the children will write their own newspaper article based on the play script.

Mathematics Y6

Multiplication and Division


Pupils explore strategies for multiplication and division, including the formal written algorithms for long and short multiplication and division. Pupils solve a range of problems including the multiplication of decimal numbers and division problems giving rise to remainders.


Calculation Problems


Pupils start by considering the effect of the order operations are completed in, including the use of brackets. Formal algebra is introduced for the first time, although much of the emphasis is on non-abstract representations and the contexts in which it is applied.




Pupils deepen their understanding of fractions, building on their knowledge of different representations to focus more on the numerical patterns and relationships. Equivalence is seen from the perspective of ‘same value, different appearances and pupils embed a deep understanding of the relationships between the values in equivalent fractions. This understanding underpins simplifying, comparing and addition and subtraction of fractions.


Mathematics Y5

Multiplication and Division


In this unit, pupils explore factors, multiples, square numbers, prime numbers and composite numbers. Pupils use multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 to derive other multiplication facts and the corresponding division facts. They explore a range of calculation strategies to multiply and divide with increasingly large numbers, including the formal written layout. Through a range of problem solving contexts, pupils explore how to represent problems using models and develop flexibility when selecting strategies.


Perimeter and Area


Pupils will build on their understanding of finding the area of shapes by counting squares. Pupils will measure and calculate the perimeter and area of composite rectilinear shapes using a range of units of measure. They will investigate the relationships between area and perimeter and start to consider the complications in finding the area of non-rectilinear shapes and therefore the importance of estimating these.


Living Things and their Habitats

In this unit, pupils will learn how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences, including micro-organisms, plants and animals.


North America

In this Unit, pupils will be exploring the human and physical features in the USA. They will be able to locate key places on a map using compass points and grid references.




Dance - Interpretive Dance

Children will explore movement to music and create their own interpretive dance piece to perform.


Children will learn a range of athletic events across this unit.



Font Styles

In this unit, pupils will be creating different types of font for different purposes. They will also be researching and exploring the art of graffiti.




Design and Technology



Celebrating Differences


Children will be exploring the diversity of our world, learning about differences and celebrating them equally. 




How Significant was it that Mary was Jesus' Mother?



Bon Appetite


The children will be learning about food and drink. 



Internet research and web page


The children will identify what makes a god webpage and design their own. They will also learn how to use the internet effectively to conduct research.


Online Safety

Digital Footprint

Children will learn about their online footprint and how to make safe choices online.