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Autumn Term 2 Learning

Week commencing 12.12.15

In English we will be working on punctuating sentences correctly and changing sentences into instructions. We will also be planning and writing our own set of instructions. 

In maths we will be learning to recall of multiplication facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. 

In history we will be continuing our work on new and old toys. We will learning about toys from the past using a range of sources. We will be also comparing new and old toys and writing about this.

Week commencing 7.12.15

In English we will be continuing with our new unit of work on instructions. We will be reading the book 'Instructions' by Neil Gaiman to explore the features of instructions and identify 'bossy' (imperative) verbs. 

In maths we will continue to learn how to subtract near multiples of 10 from a 2 digit number.

We will be starting our history work this week on toys. We will be describing our favourite toy and considering what it is made from, how it moves and how we can play with it. Please remember to bring in your favourite toy on Tuesday!

Week commencing 29.11.15
This week in English we will start a new unit of work on instruction writing. We will be completing a cold task on Monday so that we can set our targets for this unit of work. We will spend a large proportion of this week focussing on verbal instructions.
Our grammar work will focus on imperative verbs to support our instructions.
In maths we will be adding and subtracting 11. This will relate to our previous learning, ten more and ten less. We will use place value counters, bead strings and hundred squares to support our learning.
In the afternoons we will be performing our Christmas concert, learning about the Christmas story and revisiting our ICT work.

Week Commencing 23.11.15
This week we will be having a science week. Most of our English and Maths work will be addressed during our science activities. We will be looking at different forces, friction and the uses of magnets. The children will be set a number of challenges to complete. We will be working in our team groups so that we can utilise everyone's strengths. We are looking forward to a very practical week with lots of investigations. Through science we will be learning about and using our measuring skills.
Week Commencing 16.11.15
In English this week we will continue with our recounts unit of work. Our focus this week will be to use conjunctions in our writing. We will also learn about verbs in our grammar work. We are looking forwards to reading 'Diary of a baby wombat'
In maths we will be using place value and partitioning to support us with our addition work. We will revisit 2d shape, position and ordinal umbers in our mental starters.
In the afternoon we will start our science unit on forces. We will explore what we already know and they investigate pushes and pulls.
Our Inspire afternoon will be about structures and we will be challenged to build a bridge from recycled materials.
Week Commencing 9.11.15
In English this week we will be starting a new unit of works on recounts. We will be writing our cold task to that will help us to identify our individual writing targets. Our grammar work will be about adding conjunctions to join two statements together. At the end of the week we will be writing about a dream remembering to write in past tense.
In maths we will be locating numbers on a bead string, continuing our ten more and ten less work and then looking at ordinal numbers.
In the afternoons we will be completing our art unit of work looking at and using different painting techniques. We will continue our computing work on word processing and continue with our RE.

Week Commencing 2.11.15
In English this week we will be completing our humorous poetry unit. This will involve us writing poems, editing and refining them. We will then use our computing skills to type them and add images.
In maths we will be adding one more and then 10 more and subtracting one and then 10. We will look at the pattern that this makes on  a hundred square.
Our mental starters will consolidate our work on the greater than and less than signs along with 2D shape description.
In the afternoons we will be continuing our artwork based on bridges. We will use different painting techniques that we have been practicing last half term.