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Home Work

Each week there will be a 'Homework of the Week!' award. The prize is that the winner does not have to do their homework the following week! or they can choose to have 5 Rainbow points instead.

Week beginning 29.7.15

This week we have been learning how to slice, dice, chop, grate and squeeze in order to make a fruit and vegetable monster or animal. Either deign a friend for you fruit or vegetable monster or make one and take lot of photographs! Remember to label your creature with the fruits and vegetables that you have used. You might like to tell us how to make your creature. Remember to use verbs when writing your method.

Week Beginning 22.6.15
This week we have started our new DT topic on preparing fruit and vegetables. For your homework I would like you design a healthy dish that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and write down your recipe and ingredients. I would also like you to draw the finished dish or why not have a go at making it and take a photo for us!
-fruit or vegetable salad
-pasta dish
-vegetable pizza
-stir fry
Week beginning 15th June

Next week we will be starting our DT work about healthy foods and food miles. In any way that you would like show me what you already know about fruit and vegetables. You might like to show me what is different between fruit and vegetables or perhaps find lots of different types of fruit and vegetables.

This week for homework I would like you to design a stall or stalls for the summer Fair. Each class have been set the challenge to raise the most money. The winning class will be allowed to keep the money that they have raised to buy some new games for their classroom.
Please remember to consider; the cost of the winning prize/prizes, the amount that you are going to charge per turn, how you might involve the community to donate prizes and how you will advertise the class stall.

Week beginning 1st June 
This week in art we have been focusing on the work of David Hockney. We have be looking at and evaluating his photo montages and collages and then using ICT to create our own montages and collages in a similar style. Think about the techniques that you have learnt about e.g. positioning, overlapping and angling then create your own collage. This can be about anything that inspires you. Have fun and be creative!

Week Beginning 18th May
Last week we started learning about plants in science. Show your learning from our lessons so far and add any extra learning you have done at home. 

Week beginning 11th May
This term we have been learning about the different continents and countries of the world. During this topic we have become more skilled at using atlases, maps and globes. We have discussed how the equator effects the climate of a county and compared and contrasted the lives of people in Lesotho with our lives. I would like you to show me what you have learnt during our Geography work.

Week Beginning 4th May
This week we have been learning about the General Election and how a democracy works. I would like you to show what you have learnt by writing a manifesto imagining you are taking part in an election to be the leader of our academy. Please complete the manifesto sheet and add any extra information on the other page e.g. campaign poster, design your own logo.