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Year 6 Project - Homework for Summer Term 2
Written Project

For the children’s homework this term, they will work on a project.  The project can be  a topic of their choice – something they are really interested in or a hobby.  Topics could include a type of animal, country, sport, past time, period of history, etc.  It shouldn’t be too broad (i.e. it should be a type of animal, not animals in general).

Please see the bottom of the page for a copy of the project and the presentation timetable.


Literacy - write a book review about The Hunger Games, think about the story so far. How do you think Katniss felt when Prim's name was pulled from the bowl?  Can you describe the Capitol? What special talent does Katniss have? How do we know she has this talent? Do you think Peeta is good? Why?  You may want to describe how Katniss felt as she slowly moved through the tunnel and arrived in the area, unable to move her feet and trying to decide what to do.

Science - show your learning about the human heart. If you need a little help with this please use the link at the bottom of the page.

Easter holiday homework.
Please see the links below for a copy of the homework.
Numeracy - tasks have been set to keep numeracy ticking along over the holidays. These can be completed every other day with help from the document and simple items around the home. Please use your revision text book for any terminology you may have forgotten. Full instructions are included on the sheet.

Literacy - this is an Easter reading challenge. Children record the books they have read and elements they have enjoyed. Full instructions are on the sheet.


Complete an information text about a member of Aztec society, use the poster you brought home to help you. Think about the job they did and why they were important in Aztec society.
website address below to help.

Poster design - you need to design a poster to explain the rules for looking after our wonderful new toys. Think about how we would treat the toys, how to ensure they don't get broken, who puts the toys out and how to play with them.

Numeracy - your task is to design a poster to illustrate the key vocabulary from our shape work this week, use the key words below to help and remember you don't have to use all of them.

Vertex, perpendicular, congruent, face, parallel, angle, regular, adjacent, intersect and bisect.

The Moon
You have a choice of tasks
- explain the different phases of the Moon, your work can be presented in any way you wish.
- explain the orbit of the Earth, and the Moon around the Sun

Useful websites at the bottom of the page


- To celebrate book week we are designing a bookmark! Look below if you are short of inspiration.

- Complete the Eco challenge! Can you design the ultimate Eco home? What features will you add? How will you heat the water? Good luck!

Literacy homework - persuasive writing using our trip as stimulus. Can you persuade me to visit the museum or 20/21?
Numeracy - complete the sheet and don't forget you can use your revision guides to help.

Literacy homework - create a diary of your half term holiday, your diary needs to be at least 4 entries, each a paragraph long. These entries must highlight a skill we have been working on, for example Monday may show personification, Tuesday you may highlight short sentence use etc.

Complete 2 mental maths sheets or the percentages work, depending on your group.
Remember to use your revision book for help if you need it.


This week is consolidation of the activities we have covered during literacy and numeracy.


Please have a go at the coordinates games at the bottom of our class page.
Coordinates - write the coordinates for the shapes then complete your own shapes on the grids and write the coordinates for these.

Crossword fun using past tense verbs


Data handling - answer the questions and then create a graph using the data.

Apostrophes - complete the work in your book and then play beat the clock with this fun game, make a note of your score in your learning log.

Fractions homework - cancel the fractions to their lowest form, think about our success criteria and work this week
Speech - write the sentences putting in the correct speech punctuation