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Year 6 Project - Homework for Summer Term 2


Written Project

For the children’s homework this term, they will work on a project.  The project can be of a topic of their choice – something they are really interested in or a hobby.  Topics could include a type of animal, country, sport, past time, period of history, etc.  It shouldn’t be too broad (i.e. it should be a type of animal, not animals in general).


The project must include;

v Front cover

v Contents page

v Chapter 1 – Introduction

v Chapter 2

v Chapter 3

v Chapter 4

v Glossary

v Index


Each week (on a Tuesday as normal) I expect the children to hand in another part of their project, so I can advise and help where needed. 


The project must be hand written (I want to see beautiful handwriting), but can include hand drawn or printed pictures.  It can be presented in a file, or we can bind them at school if requested. 


The completed project is due on Tuesday 9th July – they must plan their time wisely to ensure it is not left to the last minute – we are trying to prepare them for future life with this.  You will be invited to come and see the completed projects on display.


Presentation of Project

As part of the children’s final Speaking and Listening level, they must prepare a 5 minute spoken presentation on their project (same topic as written project).  They can use Power Point or notes to support this.  They should also prepare a small display to go with this, which could include books, photos, drawings, artefacts, etc.  They will need to practise this at home and check their timings. 


Parents are welcome to come and watch their child’s presentation.  We will be doing a few presentations first thing in the morning.  All children have been given their slot.