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Homework of the Week

Every week Mrs. Greaves will choose a person to receive a RC for achieving Homework of the Week.

The class had a vote and decided that this person will also receive a raffle-box reward.


Abi got Homework of the Week because she put a lot of effort into her revision and did a lot of extra things.

Alice and Taiha got Homework of the Week due to all their hard work recently.

Alice and Lance recited their poems beautifully and got the award this week. Lance recited 3 poems including one he wrote himself!

Erin did some great revision and got Homework of the Week.


Lots of children worked extremely hard on revision during the Easter holidays and were awarded Homework of the Week:  Ben, Lewis, Lance, Joshua, Alice, Erin, Mackenzie, Taiha, Megan, Abi, Charlotte, Lyla and Madeleine.

Homework of the week awarded to Erin and Emily.

Homework of the week awarded to Harvey.
Picture 1 Megan Part 1
Picture 2 Megan Part 2
Picture 3 Madeleine
Picture 4 Lyla
Picture 5 Taiha
Picture 6 Harvey
Picture 7 Lyla
Picture 8 Taiha
Picture 9 Mackenzie
Picture 10 Ben
Picture 11 Lyla
Picture 12 Charlotte
Picture 13 Megan
Picture 14 Lewis
Picture 15 MacKenzie
Picture 16 Joshua
Picture 17 Charlotte
Picture 18 Joshua