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In the Autumn term we learnt about...


This week we will be completing our DT project and completing our stories.
We will be designing and making our Christmas cards and calendars


Literacy - This week we will be ensuring our stories are completed
Numeracy - fractions, including the song!
DT - we will be completing our musical instruments


A busy week this week!
We will be in court on Tuesday!
Numeracy - continuing our fraction work
Literacy - we will be finishing off our story writing and looking at sentences structure.


Numeracy - fractions this week
Literacy - story writing

It's Christmas art day on Thursday, very exciting!
Numeracy - angles, around a point, on a line and in triangles.
Literacy - Story writing, we will be flexing our story writing skills


A fabulous Monday sports competition will start our week off in a very energetic way!
Numeracy - we will be having a quick revision of perimeter and area and then reviewing our problem solving skills.
Literacy - we will be completing our articles for The Scunthorpe Telegraph this week, so we will all be reporters!

Numeracy - we will be using our skills to problem solve this week.
Literacy - after our court room drama last week we will be writing argument texts this week.

Numeracy - we will finish our work on probability this week and then we will be problem solving.
We will be looking at discussion texts over the next few weeks, extracting the features of discussion texts and then using our skills to write a discussion text.

A special day on Friday, we will be going to see some amazing drumming at the Baths Hall!
Numeracy - handling data completion at the beginning of the week and problem solving using our new skills.
Literacy - after watching The Piano we will be writing stories with flash backs with a clear focus on our writing targets.
It's Harvest festival this week so we will be working with the rest of KS2 to deliver a wonderful Harvest assembly.
Wednesday is no pens Wednesday, which should be really exciting
Numeracy - it's data handling for us this week, including pie charts.
Literacy - a fabulous story writing week, we will be using flash backs in our work.

30.9.13 - Numeracy - we will be continuing our work on shape, towards the end of the week we will be starting our work on data handling
literacy - report writing following our Roman visitors!
On Wednesday we will have a visit from 2 Roman soldiers, which should be great fun!

23.9.13 - we will be working with factors and prime numbers
Literacy - we will be reading and writing science fiction stories
We have a really busy week, we will be enjoying a language afternoon at The Axholme Academy and designing our cauliflower cards

Please don't forget to have your PE kit in school, Tuesday indoor PE and Friday outdoor PE