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In the Spring term we learnt about....

Numeracy - we will be problem solving this week and focusing on written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Literacy - we will be completing our Harris Burdick stories, very exciting work!
Aztecs - we will be exploring chocolate this week!24.3.14

A really exciting week this week in literacy, we will be writing our own stories inspired by
'The mysteries of Harris Burdick'.
In numeracy we will be working with percentages at the beginning of the week and angles towards the end of the week.
We will be starting our DT project this week looking at and using cams, this should be very interesting!

Literacy - we will be looking at 'The Mysteries of Harris Burdick' this week. We will explore the amazing illustrations and move on to writing a story based on our favourite.

Numeracy - this week we will be focusing on problem solving, using all our maths skills.

Literacy - we will be writing a letter of complaint this week using our formal and impersonal writing skills. At the end of the week we will be enjoying a space themed day.

Numeracy - at the beginning of the week we will be looking at probability and then towards the end of the week we will be looking at shape.
Literacy - we will be using our Formal and impersonal writing skills this week to develop our Aztec writing.

Numeracy - Ratio again this week moving onto fractions and percentages.

It's our Inspire on Tuesday afternoon, ICT based and linking to our science topic.
On Wednesday we will be enjoying a trip to the museum and an art workshop at 20/21.

Literacy - this week will be beginning a new topic, Formal and impersonal writing, we will be using the skills we develop in this topic to create a webpage! All very exciting stuff.

Numeracy - we are working on timetables this week and refreshing our earlier wok on time.

Please don't forget it's our inspire the first Tuesday after half term, invitations will be arriving home on Tuesday, before half term. It's an ICT based inspire this term linked to our science topic.

Numeracy - fractions, decimals and percentages this week, tricky stuff but I know we will be amazing.

Literacy - we will continue exploring texts and authors and looking at how authors create an atmosphere in their writing, then hoping to use this skill in our own writing.

Numeracy - we will be working on reflecting and translating shape this week! Then moving onto look at fractions again. Tricky but fun.

Literacy we will, be reviewing how authors create atmosphere in their writing and how we can do this in ours. We will be revisiting compound and complex sentences and looking at clauses again.


Numeracy - this week in numeracy we will be measuring and drawing angles, the moving onto calculating angles in a triangle, on a straight line and around a point. We will also be brushing up on our coordinate skills.
Literacy - we will be reading an extract from Room 13 and discussing how the author makes this such an exciting text. We will then write the next section of the story!
We will continue our work on the Aztecs and Mexico looking at the difference in weather between home and Mexico.


It will be an amazing week this week!
Monday we have a fabulous morning with performance poet Ruth!
In literacy we will be completing our poetry unit and writing our own poems, including personification, similes and metaphors.

In numeracy we will be handling ddata; revisiting pie charts and calculating the mean mode and range of a set of data.

Thursday is young voices!!! We have learnt the songs and the dances now we will get to participate in the concert!!


Literacy - we will be continuing our unit on poetry, writing our own poems using personification. We produced some amazing poems last week based on The Magic Box by Kit Wright, look out for some on here soon.

Numeracy - fractions, decimals and percentages this week. We will be consolidating our knowledge and using this for problem solving

Creative - continuing our work on the Aztecs and Mexico


Literacy - Poetry
Numeracy - using the four rules and problem solving