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Our day in court!!!

We had a fabulous day in court today! 
As part of our Literacy and PSHCE work we had the opportunity to work through a court case in an actual court! We all had roles to play, from prosecutor to magistrate! We had to listen carefully to the full case and then reach a verdict! Jessica looked very upset when we found her guilty, she was led away to serve her sentence. Well done Eagle Owls you behaved wonderfully and used all the skills we'd been developing with our wolf trial.
Picture 1 Learning how a real court works.
Picture 2 Ms Wood distancing herself from the guilty party!
Picture 3 Judges!
Picture 4 Kyle instructing the court.
Picture 5 Isabelle informing the judges, she was very good!
Picture 6 Jessica in the dock!
Picture 7 Jessica explaining her actions.
Picture 8 Angel questioning Jessica, she was ferocious!
Picture 9 More questions!
Picture 10 Kyle helping a witness.
Picture 11 Brooke answering questions.
Picture 12 Bradley trying hard to defend Jessica.
Picture 13 Bradley defending Jessica.