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Our homework this week...


30.06.16 - Final homework
Highlights of Y ear 5: use a double page to show:
- What have you enjoyed?
- What have you learnt?
- What are you proud of?
- Which topics have you enjoyed and why?
- What clubs have you participated in?
- Funny/memorable moments
- Trips, sports events, visitors, special events, swimming etc

* Highlights of sports day - what did you enjoy? What were you good at?
* Research and find at least 5 facts about the country you represented at sports day (e.g. if you were in team Cuba, find at least 5 facts about Cuba).

* learn a poem off by heart. You will recite this poem to the class next week. 
* My Money week - show your understanding of spending and saving money. 

This week we have had two enjoyable experiences - How to be a Hero (Ancient Greek workshop) and a visit to North Lindsey College. Show what you have learnt and enjoyed about these experiences. Ensure you use a double page.

Oranges in No Man's Land
* Create a piece of artwork related to the story. You could choose a part of the story to represent or perhaps design a new front cover?
* Write a book review. Answer the following questions:
- What is the book about? (summary)
- What did you enjoy?
- What did you dislike/what would you change?
- Who would you recommend it to and why?
- Star rating

* We have just concluded our science learning on 'our bodies'. Show what you have learnt from this topic. Consider using a mind map.
* We are just starting our topic on the Ancient Greeks. Your task is to find out about Greece today. Find out:
-popular music, food, entertainment.

* In PE we have been focusing on jumping. Create a help guide to explain how to complete the perfect triple jump.
* In English and PSHCE we have been talking about feelings. Generate some interesting feeling words (e.g. petrified, astonished) and describe a time you felt this emotion. Idea - You could organise it like a poem: I last felt excited when... I last felt astonished when...

* Design bunting for a flower festival to mark the Queen's 90th. Use the template provided.
* Design a birthday card for the Queen - no template - complete on plain paper.
Both pieces of homework will be entered into a competition.

* Maths - Show your understanding of Roman Numerals.
* Science - In class, we conducted an investigation to see how exercise impacts on your pulse rate. Conduct your own investigation to see how your heart rate changes depending on the activity you are doing.
-taking photographs
-how you will keep it fair
-putting results in a grid/table
-graphing your results
-reaching a conclusion - summarise what you found out

* Science - design a poster to show how to keep your heart healthy.
* English - Watch some TV adverts, focusing on ones that are selling or promoting an experience or product.
-what was the product? What was it selling?
-brief outline of the advert - what happened?
-persuasive features - how are they trying to convince you?

* Good to be me - conduct interviews with your family and friends, ask them 'What is special about me? What am I good at?' Share the responses you get.
* This week we started our English work with a focus on museums. Share your experiences of visiting museums. If you have never visited a museum with your family, consider our autumn trip to Yorkshire Waterways or research a chosen museum.


Easter Holidays - An optional homework - complete at least three of the reading challenges to be awarded with a certificate and a Right Choice Card!

Egyptian project - choose TWO of the following topics and create a non-chronological report:
* Buildings and architecture (pyramids, sphinx etc)
* Homes and gardens
* Schools
* Writing and numbers
* The River Nile and its importance.
Success Criteria:
- headings and subheadings
- paragraphs
- photos/drawings with captions
- Text boxes
- Relative clauses **

* World Book Day - Design a book token on the sheet provided. Make sure your design really stands out as there are great prizes on offer!

* Following from our work on the three crowns of Narmer, find out about some other Egyptian crowns. Consider whether to use artwork (2D or 3D) with captions to show information.
* We recently began our SEAL topic on relationships and friendships. Show who is important in your life and what makes them special.

* This week we have started our topic on the Ancient Egyptians. Your task this week is to find some interesting facts about MODERN day Egypt (what Egypt is like now - e.g. climate, landscape, tourism etc). Your challenge is to find at least 8 different facts.
* This week we have watched a play and taken part in some rugby training. Choose one of these and review it - what happened? What did you like? What would you change? Star rating etc.

* Half term challenge - instead of picking up your tablet or playing on your computer, think of some fun, exciting and active games you could play instead. Write/draw some of the adventures and games you played.
* Review - we have had a busy half term. Think of the different subjects and topics and consider what you have learnt? What skills and knowledge have improved? What have you enjoyed? Etc.

* Orienteering - This week we participated in an event. You could:
-review what we did, what you enjoyed etc.
-design your own orienteeting map and trail to play at home.
* Computing - We have been designing help guides with photographs to teach someone how to do something. Design your own helpguide for anything you want. If you do not have access to a computer, just handwrite it.

* Draw and describe a creature (monster) we might expect to see in a Greek Myth.
* Show your understanding of area and perimeter, including:
-definitions of each
-how to calculate for squares and rectangles
-measurements we might use
-examples given with step by step instructions for how to solve

* Big 6 Character - choose a name for our 'problem solving' owl and generate a list of suggestions for what we would need in order to be able to solve problems effectively.
* Photography competition

* Science - show your learning about solids, liquids and gases. Relate your learning to our materials work and think about the properties. You could consider the use of labelled diagrams.
* Maths - We have been learning about shape - show your learning by creating a shape guide. Include:
-Drawing of each shape with its name e.g. square, rhombus, pentagon
-Description of its properties
-Glossary of terms e.g. regular/irregular, parallel lines, right angles etc

* Highlights of my Christmas holiday.
* SEAL - Our theme is Going for Goals. Set yourself some challenging, yet realistic targets. Consider HOW you will achieve them.

* This week we began our English topic on poetry. Create a glossary of poetic terminology with an explanation for that the words mean. Include at least: alliteration, simile, stanza, rhyme, couplet and metaphor. You could think creatively and create a game for learning the terms.
* Art - we have had a bif focus on sketching, looking at line, tone and shading. Make a sketch of your choice. Try to observe the object/image closely. Challenge yourself to something tricky - a vase of flowers or a portrait.

* This week we began our work on angles. Show your learning from this. Include:
-Angle names and descriptions
-How to make a sensible estimate
-Instructions for how to measure an angle accurately
-Comparing/ordering angles
* So far in science we have learnt about gravity and friction. Think about our work in class and show your understanding of these. Consider:
-Conducting a practical investigation and show your learning from it
-The use of photographs/drawings with captions

* This week we started swimming lessons - review your lesson. What did you do? Who were you with? What did you learn or improve? What are your aims for these lessons?
* This week is anti-bullying week - show your understanding of this:
Consider an anti-bullying poster, create a shield to protect from bullies, think about strategies you would use if you or a friend were being bullied.

* Show your understanding about Remembrance Day.
* Believe fim - yesretday we visited the cinema. Show your thoughts about the film by writing a film review.
Success Criteria:
-Overview of the plot
-Overview of the characters
-What you enjoyed and why?
-What you disliked and why?
-Star rating
-Who would you recommend it to and why? **
-Comparsion to another book/film **

* Design a poster advertising a fireworks show.
* Bridges - choose a bridge from anywhere in the world and create a fact-file for it. Include key information like: th type of bridge it is, where in the world it is, what it is made from, who built it etc.

* To write a Halloween Poem (If you wrote a poem about Halloween for your previous homework, choose another topic to write a poem about instead e.g. your pet, your hobby etc).
* Complete the Halloween Maths Challenge sheet.

Recently we celebrated National Poetry Day where we wrote poems about Light.
-Choose a topic of your choice and write a poem (in the style of your choice - Haiku, rap, acrostic etc.Please draft first and have spellings checked. Make a best copy in your book.
-Create a piece of artwork to match the poem you have written.

This week was 'No Pens Wednesday' where we celebrated and improved our focus on speaking and listening. This week you have a talking homework! Use the help sheet provided to host a family quiz. Use a double page to write down what you did, what you learnt, what skills you developed etc. 

* Use a double page to show your learning and what you enjoyed about:
-the school trip
-our inspire afternoon

* This week we celebrate European languages. Show your understanding of european languages (words and phrases you know), culture, food etc.
* Design a new front cover for your current reading book. Include a brief description of the book.

* Show your understanding of mental and written addition. Create a help guide to explain the methods.
* Design a poster to explain why is it important to do your homework (Learning log, reading, spelling practise etc).

* Design a poster to show your goals for this year. 
* Create your own class charter of rules and responsibilities.