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Our homework this week is ...


Date: 9.7.15
ALL:             My Review of the year
Present in any way you choose, but please include:
-      The best bits of the year
-      My favourite subjects/ topics and why
-      What I have improved in
-      Most funny moments!
-      My goals for next year
Remember that our Class Page on the school website has lots of photos on of our year!

Date: 2.7.15
Y4/5:  Review our Inspire afternoon- what did you enjoy? What did you find out that interested or surprised you? What do you want to learn more about?
Y5: Research the artist Beatriz Milhazes in preparation for art.

Date: 25.6.15
Y4/5: We have had a great sports day- show/ write/ draw about what sports you took part in
Y5: Show your understanding of square and cube numbers.

Date: 18.6.15
Y4/5: In SEAL we are focussing on ‘changes’. What significant changes have happened in your life?
Y5: ‘One day’ is a now a banned story opener! Show how you can use different ways to start a story.

Date: 11.6.15
Y4/5: what did you learn about cricket this week?
Y5: show your understanding of ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’.

Date: 4.6.15
Y4/5: Make a guide to teach another child about the properties of 2d shapes (Helpful words: quadrilateral, equal, polygon, parallel, angles, acute, obtuse, perpendicular, regular, irregular)
Y5:   Show your understanding of modal verbs (dare, need, must, should, will, ought, can, may, shall).

Y4/5: Show your understanding of the three dimensions (length, area and volume)
Y5: Show your understanding of Standard and Non-Standard English.

Y4/5: Find at least 5 facts about volcanoes. 
Y5: Show your understanding of democracy and how we live in a democratic society. 

All children need to learn/rehearse for their part in our play. Everyone must learn Mr Mistoffolees, Everybody wants to be a Cat, Stray Cat Strut and Love Cats. In addition, children need to learn their specific part. 

Y4/5 - Create a character profile for one of the 'Cats' we have been studying this week.
Y5 - Show your understanding of rocks and soils.

Y4/5 - Follwing our SEAL day, consider: What is good about you? What are your strengths and talents?
Y5: Show your understanding of timetables. Create a timetable (Doctor appointments, school, bus etc). Prepare 5 questions you could ask about your data. Next week you will swap with a partner to answer the questions. 


Y4/5: Complete the competition banner on the sheet provided.
Y5: Think about your learning this term, choose some topics/lessons and show your key learning. 

Prepare for our Inspire by creating some design ideas for a product you would like to make which will include an electrical circuit. Also, start collecting some resources and materials you are going to use. 

To celebrate World Book Day we would like you to tell us about your favourite book! Do this onto the 'My Best Book' sheet. Include a drawing of the book cover, characters or an event from the story. A selection of these will be put on display in the library. 

This week we started our science topic on electricity. Show what you know about electricity.
Y5: Show your learning about non-chronological reports so far.

Y4/5: Create a maths game! The aim of your game is to practise the times tables in a fun way. Please ensure that it is neat (you may need to do a draft first) and presented in a clear, colourful way.
Play the game twice (please ensure a parent signs to say you have done this).
Date: 29.1.15
Y4 + 5 
Your homework this week is to design a logo for the ‘Crowle Community Group’ (CCG). This is a new group that has been set up by some of the Crowle residents and Ongo (North Lincolnshire Homes) and they have been in to see Mrs C and ask for help with designing a logo. The aim of CCG is to encourage local projects to happen and further build the community spirit within Crowle.  They would like the logo to reflect their name, aims and possibly have one of the local landmarks as part of it, for example St. Oswalds church, the Crowle Moors, the market place. There will be certificates for all the children taking part, and there will be special ones for first, second and third. Please complete your final design on the sheet provided  (draft first in book).

 Date: 22.1.15
Y4/5: Show your understanding of rich and poor Victorian homes.
Y5: What do you need to do to be a successful learner? Think about what we have discussed in class.

Date: 15.1.15
Y4/5: Explain how apostrophes are used for contraction (shortening) and possession (belonging).
Y5:  Show your learning about rounding numbers.
Helpful tips:
BUG CLUB has lots about apostrophes
Rounding numbers:

Week beginning 1st December
Y4/5: If the Dream Giver cracked a dream egg onto an object of your choice, what would your dream be? Describe your dream in words or/and pictures.
Y5: Show your learning about angles (types of angles, how to measure them).
Useful website:

Week beginning 24th November

Y4/5: Show your learning about water safety.
Y5: Demonstrate your learning about 2d shapes.
Useful information can be found at:

Week beginning 17th November
This week is Anti-Bullying week. Following on from our work today, respond to the theme, ‘Let’s stop bullying for all’. You could create a song, poem, poster, shield etc.
Y5: Please ensure you complete two separate pieces of work on this. 

Week beginning 10th November
Y4/5 - Show your understanding of our work on fractions (simplifying, equivalent etc).
Y5: Show your understanding of our work on newspapers.

Week beginning 3rd November
Y4/5 - Create a step by step guide for grid multiplication (TU x U or HTU x U).
Y5 - Create a poster to advertise the Rio 2 film. 

Half Term Homework
Show your understanding of 'Trench Week'. Be creative - PowerPoint, 3D model, poem etc.

Week beginning 13th October
Y4/5 Create a poem on a topic of your choice
Y5: Create a piece of artwork to match your poem. 

Week beginning 6th October
Y4/5: Show your understanding of homophones – create a guide to help you remember the spellings and what the words mean.
Y5: Show your understanding of time. Include analogue to digital, 24 hour clock and time durations.

Week beginning 29th September
Y4/5: To be prepared for war, what did a British soldier need? (uniform, equipment, weapons).
Y5: Design a book cover (front and back) for your own ‘Iron Man’ story (include title, blurb, reviews, quotes etc).

Week beginning 22nd September
Y4/5: Create your own Poppy art using a medium of your choice (collage, ICT, paint etc)
Y5: Your response to the Cross Country event (e.g. Newspaper article, recount, medal design, warm up ideas).

Week beginning 15th September
Y4/5: Design a picnic for the Iron Man.
Y5: Show your understanding of mental and written addition. Create a 'help' guide to explain the methods.

Week Beginning 8th September
Y4/5: Create a poster to show the importance of teamwork.
Y5: Design your own class charter of rules and responsibilities.