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Our homework this week is ...

Y6 project - Homework for summer term 2.
Written project.

For the children’s homework this term, they will work on a project.  The project can be of a topic of their choice – something they are really interested in or a hobby.  Topics could include a type of animal, country, sport, past time, period of history, etc.  It shouldn’t be too broad (i.e. it should be a type of animal, not animals in general).
The project must include;
- Front cover
- Contents page
- Chapter 1 – Introduction
- Chapter 2
- Chapter 3
- Chapter 4
- Glossary
- Index
Each week (on a Tuesday as normal) I expect the children to hand in another part of their project, so I can advise and help where needed. 
The project must be hand written (I want to see beautiful handwriting), but can include hand drawn or printed pictures.  It can be presented in a file, or we can bind them at school if requested. 
The completed project is due on Tuesday 7th July – they must plan their time wisely to ensure it is not left to the last minute – we are trying to prepare them for future life with this.  You will be invited to come and see the completed projects on display.

Presentation of Project
As part of the children’s final Speaking and Listening level, they must prepare a 5 minute spoken presentation on their project (same topic as written project).  They can use Power Point or notes to support this.  They should also prepare a small display to go with this, which could include books, photos, drawings, artefacts, etc.  They will need to practise this at home and check their timings. Your child will have the time and date of their presentation, you are more than welcome to come and watch.

Week beginning 5th May

?I've only allocated My maths this week, however if you want to continue brushing up your SPAG skills please complete test H on

Week beginning 27th April
My Maths - only one piece this week, revising percentages. I've also allocated a few extra bits as promised. Don't forget you can use Active learn if you want to play games to brush up your skills.

SPAG - 2013 paper to be completed this week, think about all our discussions this week and read the questions very carefully.

Week beginning 20th April

My Maths - only one piece this week. Use the inverse operation to help you solve the calculation.

SPAG - this week your homework is to complete the 2014 SPAG test. 

Week beginning 13th April

My Maths - two pieces of homework have been set this week. When you are multiplying decimals remember to take care with place value!

SPAG - You need to complete test B please. You need log in at using your log in details, these are in your reading record. Remember to read each question very carefully. You need to click 'test completed' for it to be submitted to me.

Easter Holiday Homework

My Maths - please complete both sets of homework.
Literacy - 'Born Free' reading comprehension.

Week beginning 16th March

MyMaths - problem solving this week. Look carefully at the cost of each item, then calculate the cost of 100ml, before you decide which one represents the best value.
              -  Rotation and reflection, you actually move the shapes for this activity. It should just be quick revision following our work this week.

Punctuation - you need to read the passage and complete the corrections, then copy the passage out neatly.

Week beginning 9th March

MyMaths - pie charts this week, think carefully when selecting the value of each section.
Literacy - punctuation revision.

Week beginning 2nd March

MyMaths - reviewing line graphs, think carefully!
Literacy - Reading comprehension, read the text carefully and check what you need to include in your answers.
Check out the spelling link at the bottom of the page, it's a mini spelling test!

Week beginning 23rd January
MyMaths - converting measures this week. If you are getting a little confused quickly draw a place value chart to help you.

Literacy - Eureka! You need to read the text very carefully. When you are answering the questions you can re-read the text, as many times as you need to.

Week beginning 9th February - Half Term Homework.

MyMaths - shape this week, remember to think carefully when calculating the perimeter. It's a walk around the outside edge.

Literacy - you need to read the story very, very carefully. Then, using all the skills you've acquired during literacy sessions and in guided reading, you need to answer the questions. Remember to read the question at least twice so you understand what the answer requires.

Week beginning 2nd of February

MyMaths - Ratio this week. Remember to  play the games if you are unsure. You can also click the results tab and try the task again.

Colon/Semi colon work - there is a great game on Bug Club if you need a quick reminder.

Week beginning 26th January

We are using MyMaths for the first time this week. After you've logged in why not play the games before you complete your homework? This will help you to increase your skills. Remember, just like with your usual homework, you have to have completed this homework by Tuesday morning. Good luck and have fun!

Week beginning 19th January

Speech marks - remember to use your hands to help place the punctuation in the correct place.

Percentages - think about our SC for calculating percentages. I've placed a link to a game at the bottom of the page if you want to refresh or test your skills.

Week beginning 12th January

Types of noun this week, think about the sorting game we completed in class. There is a game at the bottom of the page if you need a reminder.

Multiplication and division this week, think carefully about place value when you complete these and remember to set your work out very carefully.

Week beginning 8th December

Venn and Carroll diagrams this week. Try the game on our homework link if you need a reminder, or just for fun!

Verbs this week. play the verb game at the bottom of the page to improve your skills.

Week beginning 1st December

We are revising nouns this week, have a go at the nouns game using the link at the bottom of the page.

Your numeracy homework this week requires you to answer data questions. Remember to read the question very carefully and use the previous homework link if you need a reminder.

Week beginning 24th November

You need to collect and represent data this week. Remember to include: range, mean, median and mode. Check the link at the bottom of the page if you need a reminder.

Apostrophe work using the sheet provided. Think carefully about where to use an apostrophe; remember to use them to
show possession or contraction.

Week beginning 17th November

Show your understanding of our work on fractions, decimals and percentages (simplifying, equivalent, fractions of a number etc.).

Show your understanding of inheritance, think carefully about our lesson on Wednesday and the characteristics you have inherited from your parents.

Week beginning 10th November

RE - plot the life journey of a family member.

Use your spellings to create a word search or a crossword.

Week beginning 3rd November

Create a poem on a topic of your choice.

Write the Success Criteria for completing 645 ÷ 2. Remember this needs to be step-by-step instructions.

Week beginning 20th October
Your task is to make a model of a WW1 trench! Your trench must have the following features: ladder, firing step, sandbags, duckboards, trench supports/trench back, barbed wire and a dug-out for men to live in.

Can you design a set of instructions for a partner to follow? Think about our programming session. Remember how we programmed Daniel to walk to the door and how tricky it could be! Once you have completed the program follow it, does they work?

Week Beginning 13th October

Using all the skills you have developed this week please can you produce a report about volcanoes. Think about the vocabulary you need to use. I've added a quick link at the bottom of the page.

Show me your understanding of shape - really think about the key vocabulary you need to use.

Week beginning 6th October

Puzzle it out - following our work on negative numbers you need to complete the magic square so each line and row has an answer of 0. There are lots of ways to complete this so try and discover as many as you can.

WW1 soldier - we have been looking at what a soldier would need in WW1. What did a British soldier need in order to be prepared to go to war?
Use the link at the bottom of the page if you need any assistance.

Week beginning 29th September

Please can you design a warm up and cool down for PE, think about the different elements involved in each. A warm up needs to help your body prepare for exercise and increase your heart rate. A cool down would need to help your muscles to be stretched after exercise. The best ones will be used in our PE sessions.

Produce a piece of poppy art work using any medium, think about all the work we have covered in the last few weeks if you need inspiration.

Week beginning 22nd September

During your RE sessions with Mrs Payne you have focused on The Five Pillars of Islam. Can you show me your learning please. I've put a link at the bottom of the page to help.

We have been working on area, perimeter and volume during our numeracy sessions this week. Can you create a guide to this work? You could use our SC in numeracy sessions as starting point. I will place the winning guide on our numeracy working wall.

Week beginning 15th September

We have started to look at life 100 years ago, you need to compare an aspect of life today with life 100 years ago. Pick one aspect, such as school or family life, and create a comparison.
The BBC website has some fabulous ideas, the link is below.

Design an APP for a tablet or phone, you need to think about what you APP would like like on the phone and what it could do. For example you may design a cake recipe APP. The picture on the phone would be a cupcake and the APP would show me recipes for different cakes.

Week Beginning 8th September
We've started reading 'Eye of the Wolf' this week and have been introduced to the two main characters, the boy and the wolf. We've been discovering how the wolf pack lives and moves to avoid humans and the feelings the wolves have about humans. Make up a game based on the characters for example instead of Snakes and Ladders you could have Wolves and Hunters!

Problem solving activity - how long would it take you to count to a million? Think carefully about how to calculate this and write down the steps you take.

Step one - time how long it takes you to from 1 to 100
So…….. how long would it take you to count to 1,000?
So………how long would it take to count to 10,000?

Now how long to count to 100,000?