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Our homework this week is...

30.06.16 due 05.07.16
This week children should complete the competition booklet that has been sent home. Their task is to write a 100 word saga. Children should be creative and may like to use what they've learnt so far about Ancient Greece.

23.6.16 due 28.6.16
 In science we’ve looked at the role of our teeth. The children should show me what they’ve learnt about teeth. They could write an information poster on the different types of teeth and their jobs, or give detailed, chronological instructions about how to brush their teeth.

16.06.16 due 21.06.16
In preparation for our sports day and with a view towards the Olympics in Rio the children should show me what they know about a famous athlete, sportsperson or gymnast; past or present. It would be lovely to have lots of different information about athletes from sports such as discus, javelin, long jump etc.

09.06.16 due 14.06.16
We have started studying autobiographies this week in English.
The children should make a fact file type document about themselves with interesting information, such as their birthday, who they share a house with, their first words, likes and dislikes, hobbies and so on. It might also be nice for you to talk about your child's early memories, so they have some fun things to write about in their own autobiography.

26.5.16 due 07.06.16
In English this week we have studied Theseus and the Minotaur. The children should create their own mythical beast (and draw it).They should write a paragraph telling me about its habitat, as well as telling me about the sacrifice that Kings make to it in the hope it stays away!

19.5.16 due 24.5.16
In science this week we've been studying food chains. Children should show me what they have learnt about food chains. They could do this by:
-Illustrating and labelling a food chain.
-Naming plants and animals in their categories, eg predator, prey, producer etc.
-Using ICT to present information.

12.5.16 due 17.05.16
We've been asked to design 90th birthday cards for the Queen to enter into a competition. There will be one winner from the school that will be sent in to the national competition. Your child will be sent with some card, happy creating!

05.05.16 due 10.5.16

St Oswalds have asked us to design bunting for a flower festival to mark the Queen's 90th. There will be a winner from each year group and they will display as many of the entries as possible. The template is attached below but will be sent home with your child also.

Please write your name and year group on the back of the bunting.  The design can be anything you want.  You might want to research what the Queen’s favourite animals are or her favourite colours to include on your bunting. 

28.4.16 due 3.5.16
This week we have looked at funny poems where the class teacher gets eaten by a monster. Can you create your own poem of at least 2 verses about a monster that eats your teacher?
You should show me what you can do with adverbs, adverbial phrases, adjectives and prepositions.

21.4.16 due 26.4.16
 Science – Nutrition
Design a poster to show me what you know about a balanced diet and the foods humans need to be healthy.
-You should name the different food groups. *
-You might want to include examples of the different types of food that belong in these groups. **
-You could say why the different food groups are individually important. ***

14.4.16 due 19.4.16
This week, the children should show me all they have learned about the life of Ancient Egyptians. This could be a poster, a diary entry or a fact sheet.

Over Easter:
There's an Easter reading challenge for you to complete over the holidays. Lots of egg colouring in for each challenge  completed too! Have fun!

17.3.16 due 22.3.16

Last week we celebrated World Book Day in school. For your homework this week I would like you to design a book token.
National Book Tokens are holding a competition this year to celebrate World Book Day. To enter, you need to design your own National Book Token. A panel of judges will select a winner and runner-up in each of three age categories:
Up to 8 years
9–12 years
13–16 years
Plus, one overall winner could see their design turned into a real National Book Token and distributed to bookshops nationwide in time for Christmas!
The first prize for each category is; £250 National Book Tokens for the school, £100 National Book Tokens for the child and £100 National Book Tokens for the teacher.
Three runners-up will receive £150 National Book Tokens for the school, £50 book tokens for the child and £50 National Book Tokens for the teacher.
Please complete the template provided and return to school next Tuesday. Have fun!

Homework set 10.06.16 due 15.03.16
In French, children have been naming parts of their body. Your child will be given a sheet to label (with some prompt words to help them).
The children should then label a self portrait.

Homework set 03.03.16 due 08.03.16
In maths this week the children looked at an investigation using 4 consecutive numbers: placing addition and subtraction signs between the numbers in different places, completing the calculations and trying to notice a pattern. The link to the activity can be found here:
The children should further investigate the patterns they can find with these consecutive numbers, using at least 2 different sets of numbers and maybe even making predictions about a further set.

Homework set 25.2.16 due 01.03.16
We are concentrating on plays in English this half term.
The children should look at the excerpt of the play they bring home and label the features, such as cast list and speech as indicated on the sheet. The children should then think about what happens next and have a go at being  script writer by continuing the play.

Homework set 11.2.16 due 23.2.16
This half term you can use your imagination and creativity to show me what you have learnt / know so far about the Ancient Egyptians.
It could be about how and why they built pyramids, the gods they worshipped or the pharaohs. Have fun!

Homework set 04.02.16 due 09.02.16

The children will bring home a sheet that has a mathematical word on it. The children should complete the sheet, answering questions in the bubbles such as; Demonstrate the sign that is linked with 'subtraction' (answer would be -). Children are also prompted with questions such as, 'Think of where we see the word everyday'.
On the second page, children should make up and answer their own calculations or mathematical word problems using the word/function.

Homework set 28.01.16 due 02.02.16
The children have been told about our 'Walk Once a Week' photo competition.
The competition asks for the children to take a photograph of something they see on their walk to school that they wouldn't see if they were driving. They should also write a statement about why they love walking to school. Those who don't have the ability to print photos can send them to Mrs Durrant on a USB that will be returned the same day. Those who can't take photographs could draw a picture. (Poster attached below).

For those children who don't walk to school for whatever reason, please photograph/draw a picture of something you've seen on a walk and write a statement about why you like to go on walks.

Homework set 21.01.16 due 26.1.16
This week the homework will be set by Mrs Parkin linked to a new 'Enterprise' initiative in school. More details to follow after our whole school assembly to introduce it!

The children have had an assembly about designing a mascot for an enterprise skill. Snowy Owls have been given a 'teamwork' owl. The children should think of items that will help their owl work as a team and draw and label them on the sheet which was provided.

Homework set 14.01.16 due 19.01.16
We have started our topic on the Ancient Egyptians. The children have a sheet to crack a hieroglyphic code. Once they’ve cracked it, the children should try to write their own name in hieroglyphs on the blank part of their double page spread.
Children should then research information on an Egyptian God or Goddess and present it in any way they like. At the very least, children should draw a picture of the God/Goddess, or what they think they would look like.

Week commencing 4.1.16 - set Thurs 7.1.16, due Tues 12.1.16.
This week we have started to look at calligrams - shape poems.
Children should find an object at home that they can draw the outline of in their learning logs. They should create lists of adjectives, adverbs, nouns etc to describe that object and then fill the outline of their object with those words to create their own calligram or shape poem.
For example, the children may pick 'house' and so draw an outline of their house, filling it with words or phrases that describe their home.

Final week's homework:
There's no homework for over the holidays. Please continue to read with your child at home and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Homework set 10.12.15
There's no homework for the final week of term! Merry Christmas!

Homework set 03.12.15 to be handed in 08.12.15
This week the children have been looking at how detailed descriptions (using adjectives and similies) of characters help us to build a picture of them in our minds.
The children's task this week is to create a character that could've come from a legend.

They can do this one of three ways:
1) Use a picture of a hero/heroine they are familiar with, label their features and write descriptive sentences about the labels.
2) Draw their own picture, label it and then write descriptive sentences about those labels.
3) Create descriptive sentences and read them to someone else, asking them to draw the character as they are reading their sentences - we did something similar in class and the children loved this!

Homework set 26.11.15 to be handed in 01.12.15
The children will be given 2 lots of paper dominoes to cut out and put together to solve the division questions. These will be on the times tables they select that they need to work on the most. For a challenge, children could also demonstrate division problems outside of the 12th multiple - for example larger than 60 divided by 5.
The division dominoes sheet is attached at the bottom of this page.

Homework set 19.11.15 to be handed in 24.11.15
The children have been exploring art linked to our Bridges and Rivers theme.
This week the children should create a picture in their books of a scene that includes a bridge.
They may like to copy one by a famous artist or use a particular technique such as pointillism (using lots of dots to colour an area) or simply create something themselves.
Children can complete this homework in whatever media they like - paint, pencil etc.

Homework set 12.11.15 to be handed in 17.11.15
Snowy Owls have been studying recounts and more recently newspaper recounts.
This week the children should show me what they know about the features of a recount in their learning logs.
One way they could do this is by sticking in an article and highlighting:
  • The 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why).
  • Descriptive language
  • Time adverbials (First, next, after that, finally etc)
  • Past tense verbs
  • Paragraphs
The article can be anything they like – from front page to sports page.

Week commencing 02.11.15 (to be handed in 10.11.15)
In science this week we have been learning about magnets.
Tell me / show me what you know about magnets!
You might want to think about:
- Different types of magnet.
- What they're useful for at home or in industry.
- Their poles and what happens when you place opposite or the same ends together.
- What does and doesn't stick to them.

Week commencing 19.10.15 (to be completed over half term)

The children will receive 2 pieces of homework - one English and one maths. The English is to write a Halloween poem (see hand-out at the bottom of the page). Maths will also be in the form of a hand-out also (no attachment available) and involves pattern creation to a given value. Have a spooky time!

Week commencing 12.10.15 (to be set Thurs 15.10.15)
This week we took part in No Pens Wednesday. This was a whole day in school where we put down our pens to develop speaking and listening in our school. This week I would like you to take part in a family quiz using the activity sheet provided to help you to improve your speaking and listening skills outside of school. Please note down what you enjoyed about the quiz and it would also be lovely if you could tell me any interesting facts you discovered. You might like to show me your homework using photographs, pictures or a video/voice recording (this could be brought in on a USB memory stick and returned the same week). Have fun!

Please look at the bottom of the page for link with lots of activities to develop speaking and listening at home with your child. The quiz is on the 3rd page of the document.

Week commencing 05.10.15 (to be set Thurs 08.10.15)

For no pens Wednesday, children looked at photographs of different settings and talked about / acted out stories that could have happened in those settings.
The children should show me what they remember from this session by writing out their stories.
Alternatively they could find me a picture of their choice and write a story, with a focus on describing the setting, about their picture.
Children should remember their full stops, capital letters and begin to expand their phrases as we have done in class to grab the attention of the reader.
Due 13.10.15

Week commencing 28.09.15 (officially to be set 01.10.15)
Show me your understanding of the uses of the waterways and surrounding land/towns, following our trip to Goole Waterways museum.

You could draw and label a diagram, write me a recount or create a fact sheet in your books.
This homework will be due in Tuesday 6th October

Week commencing 21.09.15 (officially to be set 24.09.15)

In Maths we are looking a column addition.
While the children are going about their daily lives they need to collect 3 digit or 4 digit numbers to form a 'number bank'. The number could be from a bus route, a year, a score from a game or a digital time (without the separating dots!) and so on.
Once they have their number bank of at least 10 numbers, children should form at least 10 calculations from the numbers in the bank.
Challenge: Once you have the calculations completed, write the answers in words too!
This homework will be due in on Tuesday 29th September.
Happy number hunting!

Week Commencing 14.09.15

In English we have been looking at performance poetry by Roger McGough. For homework I would like the children to find a poem and create a report on it. It could be about words and phrases that capture our attention (we've looked at onomatopoeias), ways it could be performed (indeed the children could prepare a performance for us) or show me how you'd write a poem in a similar style.

Homework handy hint:
Your child may like to write their own new verse of their chosen poem, sticking to a rhyme pattern or rhythm. The children are aware of onomatopoeia’s, alliteration and rhyme.
Children could record themselves reciting a poem and tell me why they liked it (to be handed in on a memory stick which will be returned the same day).
Children could underline words that capture interest and try thinking of synonyms for them (different words that have the same meaning).

Week commencing 07.09.15

In geography this week we have been looking at how and why  land use in Crowle has changed over time. For their homework, children should research whether Crowle is a hamlet, village, town or city and be able to explain the differences between these types of settlement.
This homework will be due on Tuesday 15th September.