Y6 School Parliament

Due to current restrictions, we have decided to change how our school council works. We will continue to have a representative in each class from Y2-Y6, however we are moving forward by creating a Y6 school parliament.

The Y6 school parliament, in partnership with the school council, will seek to involve everyone in everything!

 In order to be effective we will need everyone to help us by finding things they would like to change and helping with the suggestions to put their ideas into action!

What is our parliament for?

  • Ensuring we all have a voice
  • Working and learning together
  • Learning about democracy
  • Playing a positive role in our school community
  • Helping to improve our school for everyone

How will our Y6 Parliament work?

  • We will aim to meet twice a half term
  • We will discuss the ideas raised by our school council members who are based in each class from Y2 – Y6
  • We will help to generate ideas for making these suggestions a reality
  • We will, initially, be guided by our teacher as we learn
  • We will try and ensure ideas become a reality and if we can not make this happen there will be clear reasons why.



Meeting note WC 29.3.21

We held our first meeting today in the school hall with Mrs Hegarty. We had asked the classes with a school council representative to send their discussion points to be raised. We discussed the following points:

  • Brain Breaks to occur throughout the day
  • Well-being time to be used to promote a healthy balance between healthy mind and healthy body. Children having a choice of the activities to be carried out.
  • Play equipment to be taken out at playtime – and looked after
  • Football to be played in a designated area


We feel a meeting with Mrs Blakemore would help start the physical break ball rolling so have asked Mrs Hegarty to arrange this.

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