Y6 School Parliament

Due to current restrictions, we have decided to change how our school council works. We will continue to have a representative in each class from Y2-Y6, however we are moving forward by creating a Y6 school parliament.

The Y6 school parliament, in partnership with the school council, will seek to involve everyone in everything!

 In order to be effective we will need everyone to help us by finding things they would like to change and helping with the suggestions to put their ideas into action!

What is our parliament for?

  • Ensuring we all have a voice
  • Working and learning together
  • Learning about democracy
  • Playing a positive role in our school community
  • Helping to improve our school for everyone

How will our Y6 Parliament work?

  • We will aim to meet twice a half term
  • We will discuss the ideas raised by our school council members who are based in each class from Y2 – Y6
  • We will help to generate ideas for making these suggestions a reality
  • We will, initially, be guided by our teacher as we learn
  • We will try and ensure ideas become a reality and if we can not make this happen there will be clear reasons why.

 September 2021

WB 9.9.21

First meeting of Y6 parliament




In attendance:Y6 parliament – this includes Head Boy and Head Girl



  • The importance of pupil voice at CPA
  • Previous decisions and impact
  • New agenda for 2021 – what do we want to see happen?


Discussion this afternoon was very productive, we have a new agenda to move forward with - including moving towards being a single use plastic free school!

July 2021

After a very hard fought election process, we have elected a new head Boy and Head Girl alongside their deputies. Well done to all involved in this very challenging process. 

WB 21.6.21

Y6 Parliament met this week to discuss the journey of children as they progress from YR-Y6. We discussed the experiences we thought the children should have, these will then be fed back to Mrs Blakemore as she begins work on this plan!


Elections for our new head boy and head girl start this week! The candidates will have an interview with Mrs Blakemore and then deliver a presentation to the school via zoom. Good luck to all our candidates!



Assembly 19th May

We gave an update to Y6 parliament of progress so far and then we have launched our search for our new Head Boy and Head Girl!

Meeting notes May 14th

We had a catch up meeting with Mrs Blakemore today so we could update her. We discussed the interviews we had carried out and the outcome from these. We informed her we would be sending the data collected to all staff.

 We discussed our meeting with Mrs Parkin and the outcome from this. This was a quick catch-up meeting and we achieved a great deal.

May 12th interview Day

Today, we held interviews with children in classes from Y1-Y6 to discuss Brain Breaks and how effective they have been. We enjoyed talking to all the children and received incredibly positive feedback that we will discuss with Mrs Blakemore on Friday.

Meeting notes May 7th

We held a meeting with Mrs Parkin today to discuss Outdoor Learning. Mrs Blakemore had informed us that Mrs Parkin would be discussing outdoor learning with staff on Tuesday 11th May, we wanted to ensure that Mrs Parkin was able to take the views of y6 parliament into the meeting.

We discussed the use of the school grounds, and specifically the nature area and how these areas could be utilised to enhance our science curriculum and our wellbeing time. Mrs Parkin discussed her ideas with us and then we explored the nature area! 

We have decided that all classes need to utilise this area within the next half term. We ill be sending a timetable to class teachers to ask them to book a slot and suggesting classes make bird feeders and use the area for forest bathing.


Meeting notes April 30th 2021

We held a very productive meeting with Mrs. Blakemore this morning. Y6 parliament was represented by the head boy, head girl and their deputies.

Below is an outline of the discussion points and decisions:

Meeting questions

  • ownership of brain breaks and well-being time
  • what will happen for leavers assembly?
  • eating outside in warmer weather
  • Y5/6 breaks and zoning, games for Y2-4
  • afterschool clubs



  • choice over the activity that occurs, could we have a mix of Healthy mind  activities as well as Healthy body activities? Would it be possible for teachers to create a selection of activities and we then vote for which activity we complete each week? Head Girl – Calm activities would work well.


What is wellbeing?  We discussed creating a list of activities for the half term with a clear outline of the benefits of these activities and the reason they had been chosen. Children could then perhaps have a choice with regards to the activity undertaken

Brain Breaks

  • We would really like these to be consistent and daily. Could we vote for the day’s brain break at the start of the day? Could we go outside for this?


Y6 parliament will hold child interviews to see how successful these have been and how we can move them forward – this will then feedback to Mrs. Blakemore.

Interviews on Wednesday 13th May timetable created


  • Zoned for Y5/6
  • Games allocated for playtime – could we have more facilities?
  • Opportunities to go on the field
  • Greater use of nature area


Mrs Highton is in charge of active learning and we needed to direct our queries and questions to her. Mrs Hegarty will email the discussion points to Mrs Highton so she can move this forward.

Email sent 2.5.2021


When will after school clubs start again? Due to restrictions, these will not be resumed in this academic year.

Leavers 2021, what will this look like? An assembly – restrictions allowing and a fun afternoon!


Next Steps for School Parliament – Outdoor learning

This is on Mrs Parkin’s agenda for a staff meeting 11.5.2021 ! Y6 Parliament reps to meet Mrs Parkin on Friday 7th May so she has our thoughts on outdoor learning before the meeting.




Meeting notes WC 29.3.21

We held our first meeting today in the school hall with Mrs Hegarty. We had asked the classes with a school council representative to send their discussion points to be raised. We discussed the following points:

  • Brain Breaks to occur throughout the day
  • Well-being time to be used to promote a healthy balance between healthy mind and healthy body. Children having a choice of the activities to be carried out.
  • Play equipment to be taken out at playtime – and looked after
  • Football to be played in a designated area


We feel a meeting with Mrs Blakemore would help start the physical break ball rolling so have asked Mrs Hegarty to arrange this. Meeting arranged for 30.4.2021

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