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Spring 1 Learning


We will begin this term with a mini-topic, exploring the Winter. We will explore the wintry weather and the effects it has on our wildlife, particularly the garden birds, making bird feeders for the garden.We will also explore melting and freezing, liquids and solids through different ice activities.



Our big topic this term will be about space. We will be looking at the moon, rockets and astronauts. We will also be having a "Picnic on the Moon."



In maths we will be rote counting to 10 and beyond. Comparing and ordering numbers to 10. We will be learning some mathematical language such as more/less.
We will explore pattern, and 2d shapes, looking for shapes and colours within the environment.



We will be listening to a wide range of stories, We will be exploring vocabulary through songs, rhymes, stories and looking into our special box.


Phonics (Nursery Rhymes)

In phonics we will be learning to hear the different sounds around us. We will be learning lots of new rhymes and songs listening for the rhyming words. 


Physical Development

Our focus will be listening to instructions We will be learning to move in variety of ways, crawling, jumping, slithering, scuttling, striding, tiptoeing etc. We will also begin to roll, catch and kick a ball in a controlled way.


Our PSHE work is based on ‘Dreams and Goals’ and includes goal-setting, aspirations and working together.