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Spring Term 1 learning

Cycle B

Spring Term 1


English Novel Study


The Little Red Train

In this Novel Study we will be reading the Little Red Train. We will be writing the story in our own words and then creating different versions of the story.

Mathematics Y1



Tell the time to the hour and half-past the hour; solve practical problems for time.


Exploring calculation strategies within 20


Represent and use number bonds; use concrete and pictorial representation to solve one-step problems.


Numbers to 50


Count, read, write, identify, represent in numerals and words; recognise place value

Mathematics Y2



Interpret and construct tables, tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams; ask/answer questions about totalling and comparing data




Tell and write the time to five minutes; compare and sequence intervals of time.




Recognise, find, name and write simple fractions of objects and quantities; recognise equivalences between fractions


Addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers (regrouping and adjusting)



Solve problems involving numbers, quantities and measures; estimate and check calculations


Use of Materials.

In this subject we will be studying materials and what materials should the Three Little Pigs use to build their houses.




The History of Trains

For History, we will be studying a significant individual and how they had an impact on History. We will look at the birth of trains and how they have developed over time


Gym Floor – Object Control




In the Groove

Design and Technology

Making Vehicles

In D&T, we will be making our own vehicles using axels and gears. Each vehicle will be given a specific purpose with a design


Dreams and Goals

In PSHCE we are looking at our dreams and goals for the future and how we can achieve them.



In RE we will be learning about Passover and why it is important for Jewish People.





Presentation Skills

In computing we will be looking at presentation skills and how to express information clearly and effectively.

Online Safety

Perfect Passwords

We will be looking at how to keep ourselves safe online and make sure our passwords are strong and secure.