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Spring Term 1 learning

Cycle B

Spring Term 1

English Novel Study


The Scarab’s Secret

The Egyptian Cinderella

Reading, writing and grammar skills will be taught through this novel study. At the end of the unit children will write their own traditional tale based on another culture.

Maths Y3

Deriving Multiplication and Division Facts


In this unit the children will develop strategies for multiplication and division: using place value to multiply and divide, multiplying and dividing two-digit numbers and solving word problems.




The children will begin a unit of work finding fractions of shapes, lengths and numbers.




In this unit the children will learn how to read time on analogue clocks to the nearest minute, use am and pm correctly, read digital times with minutes past and solve problems with measured and recorded times.


Maths Y4



In this unit the children will learn to understand mixed numbers and improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator and solving problems involving fractions of quantity.




In this unit the children will problem solving related to time and be introduced to the 24hr clock.



States of Matter


In this unit the children will learn about solids, liquids and gases and changes of state (melting, evaporation, condensation and freezing). During this unit they will learn about the water cycle.





Ancient Egypt

In this unit the children will learn about when and where the earliest civilisations appeared and their greatest achievements. They will complete and in-depth study about Ancient Egypt.



Gym – Floor exercises


In this unit the children will perform a sequence using a range of body shapes and actions with a partner.


Invasion Games


In this unit children will practice the principles of attack and defense in a game situation.



3d Sculpture (Egyptian)


In this unit the children will explore sculpture with clay making Egyptian masks.




Three Little Birds


This unit of work is focused on Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. The children will learn about elements of music (pulse, rhythm and pitch), to appraise different reggae songs, sing and play instruments and improvise and compose with this song.


Design and Technology



Dreams and Goals


In this unit of learning children will discuss dreams and goals and how to overcome obstacles and challenges when working towards a goal. They will learn how they can help others achieve their goals.





The children will consider the question - How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do?





Word Processing


This unit will teach basic word-processing skills to children. In this unit, children will learn to use various features for formatting text.


Online Safety

Safe Sharing – Selfie Safe


This unit of work will teach the children the importance of staying private online.