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Spring Term 1 learning


Cycle B Spring Term 1
English Novel Study

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell

Reading, writing and grammar skills will be taught through this novel study. At the end of the unit, children will write their own narrative based on the novel.

Mathematics Year 5




Fractions and Percentages

Children will calculate with fractions, starting with addition and subtraction and moving on to multiplying a fraction and a whole number. Children are introduced to percentage for the first time and come to understand that percentages, decimals and fractions are different ways of expressing proportions.



Children will review using coordinates to describe positions on a 2-D grid. Children identify, describe and represent the position of a shape following a translation or a reflection and known that the shape has not changed. 



In this unit, children will learn about the properties of materials, their states and how to separate them. 


Ancient Greece

Children will learn about the ancient civilisation and what life was like then. 


Gym- Floor Exercises 

Children will be taught a range of movements across this gymnastics module. 


Games- Invasion

In this unit the children will learn how to participate in football. This will lead to a football tournament against the other Y5/6 classes.



Children will explore collage techniques while creating their own rainforest. 


Make You Feel My Love

Children will explore love ballads from the past and present. 

Design and Technology

Italian Food

Children will discover different Italian dishes and have the opportunity to make their own. 


Dreams and Goals

Children will explore their own aspirations for the present and future. 



Is There Ever Eternal?


La Passe et le Present

Children will be learning how to speak French in the past and present tense. 

Online Safety

Perfect Passwords

Children will be learning how to create safe passwords. 

Online Fake Profiles

In this unit, children will be taught how to identify fake profiles and how to protect themselves from these.