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Spring Term 2 learning

Cycle B

Spring Term 1


English Novel Study


Traditional Tales

We will be focusing on traditional tales for our next Novel Study. Children will compare different stories and discuss the similarities and difference between them. They will also be writing their own traditional tale.

Mathematics Y1

Addition and subtraction within 20


Comparison and difference. Represent and use number bonds; read, write, interpret and solve one-step problems.




Recognise, find and name a half and a quarter as one of two or four equal parts respectively.


Measures: Length and mass


Compare, describe, measure, record and solve practical problems

Mathematics Y2

Addition and subtraction


Solve problems involving numbers, quantities and measures; estimate and check calculations.





Recognise units symbols (£, p); explore combinations of money; solve simple problems, including giving change.


Faces, shapes and patterns; lines and turns


Identify and describe properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes; compare and sort common shapes and objects; describe position and movement in mathematical language


Use of Materials.

In this subject we will be studying materials and what materials should the Three Little Pigs use to build their houses.




The History of Trains

For History, we will be studying a significant individual and how they had an impact on History. We will look at the birth of trains and how they have developed over time


Gym Floor – Object Control



Using our history topic to influence our art, we will be printing train wheels.


Round and Round

Design and Technology

Making Vehicles

In D&T, we will be making our own vehicles using axels and gears. Each vehicle will be given a specific purpose with a design


Healthy Me

We will be learning to be safe in a variety of ways and how to keep our selves healthy.


Islam and Easter

We will be looking at the Easter story and how prayer is important in Islam.





Using the internet

We will be looking at how to use the internet responsibly and what it is used for.

Online Safety

Fake Profiles

We will be looking at how you need to be careful what information you share online.