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Spring Term 2 learning

Cycle B

Spring Term 2

English Novel Study

The Egyptian Cinderella (cont.)

Ancient Egyptian linked texts (non-fiction)

Reading, writing and grammar skills will be taught through this novel study. The children will be writing instructions, diary extracts and character and setting descriptions.

Maths Y3

Fractions (cont.)


The children will begin a unit of work finding fractions of shapes, lengths and numbers.


Time (cont.)


In this unit the children will learn how to read time on analogue clocks to the nearest minute, use am and pm correctly, read digital times with minutes past and solve problems with measured and recorded times.


Angles and Shapes


In this unit the children will learn how to name angles, identify pairs of perpendicular and parallel lines and start to explore quadrilateral. The children will begin to use these properties to describe 2d shapes. Knowledge of symmetry will also be developed.

Maths Y4



In this unit the children will explore fractions and decimals. They will compare and order decimals with one and two decimal places, round decimals to the nearest whole number, calculate with decimals, represent and write decimals and multiply and divide by 10 and 100.


Area and Perimeter


In this unit the children will explore the perimeter of rectangles and learn how to calculate area.



States of Matter (cont.)


In this unit the children will learn about solids, liquids and gases and changes of state (melting, evaporation, condensation and freezing). During this unit they will learn about the water cycle.




Ancient Egypt (cont.)

In this unit the children will learn about when and where the earliest civilisations appeared and their greatest achievements. They will complete and in-depth study about Ancient Egypt.


Gym – Floor exercises (cont.)


In the final lesson, children will perform their partner sequences of rolls, balances, steps and spins.


Net/ Wall Games


In this unit children will learn to play tennis shots with control and precision.


Performance Dance


In this unit children will work cooperatively to perform a dance sequence with precision and flair.





The Dragon Song


In this unit of work the children will listen appraise traditional folk tunes, learn to sing in two parts, play instrumental parts using up to three notes G, A and B. Compose and perform a simple melody using simple rhythms and notes from the pentatonic scale (G,A and B or D, E, G, A and B)

Design and Technology



Healthy Me


In this unit of learning children will explore how to keep themselves fit, healthy and safe.




The children will consider the question – Is forgiveness always possible?


Le Corps (the body)


In this unit children will be taught to name colours and parts of the body in French. They will be able to make simple descriptions about people.



Word Processing (cont.)


This unit will teach basic word-processing skills to children. In this unit, children will learn to use various features for formatting text.

Online Safety

Safe Sharing – Photo tagging


This unit of work children will learn how photo tagging works, know the benefits and consequences of photo tagging, know how to respond positively to online scenarios and take safe selfies and photos.


Online bullying – Text messaging


This unit of work will help the children understand the effects and consequences of online bullying and know how to respond to online bullying positively.