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Summer 2 Learning

This half term we will finish our Flutter and Fly topic and continue our 'Sea and Shore' work focusing on the seaside, holidays and travel.
In maths we be counting to 100 and finding numbers that are more/less than a given number. We will be counting on and back from different numbers. We will be naming and ordering coins from 1p to 2 pound and completing simple addition and subtraction with money. We will be finding pairs of numbers that make 5, 6 and 10 and solving simple written problems using our knowledge of addition, subtraction, doubling and halving. We will also compare lengths, weights and capacities.
We will be listening to a wide range of stories, writing for lots of different purposes and learning how to construct a simple sentence and a short narrative on a theme. We will focus on basic punctuation - capital letters, full stops and spaces.
Phonics (reading and writing)
We will be consolidating the children's phonics skills and helping them learn to read and spell words which have adjacent consonants, such as trap, string and milk. The children will also be introduced to the following tricky words:
  • said
  • have
  • like
  • so
  • do
  • some
  • come
  • were
  • there
  • little
  • one
  • when
  • out
  • what
 Physical Development
In PE we will be completing a project of performance dance entitled 'Flutter and Fly' and practising movement and ball/ object control outside.

We will also be continuing our Growth Mindset work and exploring changes in PSHCE.