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This week we are learning .....
Week Commencing 23.5.16
This week in English we will be writing letters from the viewpoint of 'Silly Billy'. Then move onto planning our own stories in the style of 'operation night monster'  We will be remembering to write in our neatest cursive style using time adverbs, adjectives and conjunctions.
In maths we will focus on weight and measures and reinforce our < and > sign use by comparing weights. Our mental starters will focus on 2D and 3D shape, capacity and direction.
In our creative curriculum we will start an art unit of work about self portraits. Looking at how to use different media. We will explore shading, pattern, line and tone. After experimenting with these techniques and digital media we will create a self portrait using mixed media.

Ways to support your child at home this week
  • Help them to learn their spellings. Spellings are sent out every Friday and tested the following week.
  • Read with you child at least three times each week.
  • Support your children recalling their 2's, 5's, 10's and 3 times tables.  


Week Commencing 16.5.16
This week in English we will focus on grammar and spelling patterns in between  taking our SATs reading tests.
In maths we will focus on multiplication, telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes and data handling.
In the afternoons we will be learning about what is essential for life. We will pretend to be stranded on a desert island and send a message in a bottle listing our basic needs. We will continue with our PSHCE unit about changes, coding in computing and flight in gym.
Week Commencing 9.5.16
This week in English we will read 'Operation Night monster' and be inferring the characters feelings from the text.
In maths we will be adding and subtracting using column addition and look at carrying when adding. Then we will look at multiplication arrays.
In the afternoons we will be focussing on science. Looking at herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. The following lesson will focus on senses particularly sight and hearing.
In computing we will continue our coding. Music will focus on pitch and PSHCE will be about changes.
Week Commencing 2.5.16
This week in English we will continue our work looking at Anthony Browne texts. The focus this week is about making predictions giving explanations to justify our answers.
In maths we will start column addition and subtraction because last week we needed to spend more time on division than expected.
In the afternoons we will continue our computing work on coding, focus on pitch in music and changes in PSHE.
On Tuesday we will be visiting Keadby power station to look at local land use.
Week Commencing 25th April
This week in English we will continue to look at books where the main characters have different worries or problems. We will also be completing a unsupported writing assessment where we will write our own version of a traditional tale.
In maths we will learn how to learning how to do column addition and subtraction. This week we will ensure that we line up the numbers correctly and place the largest number at the top of the calculation. We WILL NOT be exchanging this week.

We will have volleyball training on Wednesday morning so please remember your kit.

In the afternoons this week we will be starting our science work comparing animals and learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. In computing we will be programming the BeeBots.

In the afternoons
Week Commencing 18th April
This week in English we will start a new unit of work looking at Anthony Brown books. The main focus will be on speaking and listening and inference. We will use talk tokens to ensure everyone gets their views heard.
In maths we will work on division using our place value knowledge to help. By the end of the week we will be dividing numbers that have remainders.
In the afternoons we will complete our DT project and then video our puppet shows. We are going to be focussing on bullying this week in circle time. In computing we will be learning to code initially using only paper and pencils!
Another busy week ahead!

Ways to support your child at home.
  • Support your child with their spellings
  • Help your child to learn their 3x tables
  • Read at home at least three times
  • Have a go at coding using the hour of code website.


Week Commencing 11th April
This week we will return to school with a DT project that relates to our traditional tales English work. We will be designing and making hand held puppets in order to produce a puppet show of a familiar traditional tale. We will look at different joining techniques and how to cut out a template and ensure that we leave a hem. Then we will discuss how to make our show interesting to the audience by using expression, sound effects, pauses and stage scenery. We will work in our team tables this week and ensure that we are being supportive team members. Listening skills will be very important this week. We will conclude by recording our shows using the ipads.
I'm sure it will be an exciting first week back.

Ways to support your child at home this week
  • Read some well known traditional tales with them or help them to retell traditional tales in their own words.
  • Support your child with their spellings
  • Help your child to learn their 3x tables
  • Read at home at least three times