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Summer Term 2 Learning

Weeks commencing 11.7.16 and 18.7.16
Over the next two weeks we will be focusing on the Olympic games. We will learn about the history of the Olympics and the different types of sports. We will also participate in various maths challenges related to the Olympics.

Week Commencing 4.7.16
In English we will continue to work on our fairy tales unit. The focus will be around spelling and grammar.
?In maths we will continue to work on multiplication arrays because we are finding this very tricky.
?In science we will continue to work on life cycles and food chains. In RE we will be planning our wedding!
Week Commencing 27.6.16
In English we will finish our unit on mixed up fairy tales. The focus will be on reversing good and bad characters, verbs, nouns and adjectives and plurals.
In maths we will continue our work on multiplication. We will be looking at multiplication arrays.
In the afternoons we will continue our work on living things with a focus on human and animal life cycles. We will be creating our own power points about life cycles.
In PE we will focus on flight.
Week Commencing 20.6.16
In English this this week we will be retelling traditional and stories fairy. We will focus on using subordination to extend sentences, use of the correct punctuation and writing longer pieces of writing.
In maths we will continue our money work and then consolidate our multiplication work through problem solving activities.
In the afternoon we will be having a science focus. We will be comparing and classifying living, dead and previously living items. Then we will be looking at life cycles. We will present our work using power point and other ICT packages.
Week Commencing 13.6.16
?In English this week we will be looking at extending sentences using conjunctions and writing and punctuating direct speech.
In maths we will focus on money and time. We will be costing afternoon tea and then making sandwiches, cakes and homemade lemonade. We will use our measuring skills to produce these items.
In the afternoons we will be working on our RE celebrations topic and computing.

Week Commencing 6.6.16
In English we will be starting a new unit of work called 'Twist in the tale' we will look at the structure of fairy tales and write character studies. This will link with our work based around the queens 90th birthday. We will also be looking at direct speech and the use of inverted commas.
In maths we will be focussing on length and time. We will be reading times to the nearest 5 minutes and then comparing analogue and digital times. In DT we will be consolidating our weight work when we measure the ingredients for our 'Great British Bread bake Off'
In the afternoons we will start our DT work investigating, designing, making and evaluating breads that are inspired from around the world.

Ways to support your child at home this week
  • Ensure you read with them at least three times.
  • Help them to tell the time on both analogue and digital clocks.
  • Perhaps have a go at making bread together.
  • Support your child to complete their homework.