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Monday 7th July

This week we will be reading "Billy's Bucket" and discussing and drawing what we would like to find in a bucket. In maths we are going to revising our shape work, looking at the properties of shape and creating 3D models out of shapes too. During our phonics sessions we are going to be listening out for words that rhyme and playing "Cake Bake" on our interactive whiteboard. We are also going to be making sandwiches to eat in our own cafe area which will be great 

Monday 30th 

This week we are looking forward to our Sports Day and will be practicing in the lead up to it ( weather permitting!). We will also be continuing our fish theme and learning some rhymes and songs related to this topic. We are also being very creative getting busy for our Summer Fayre by making some lovely handprint pictures. We're also making some beautiful animal paintings too. 

Monday 16th June

This week we are looking forward to going on our class trip to Normanby Hall ( beginning of the week Monday and end of the week nursery on Thursday). We are also going to be creating pictures of our favourite  animal using paints.  In literacy we will be continuing with our rhyming work and practising continuing a rhyming string. For our number work this week we are going to look at the language of capacity (full, empty, half full 

Monday 9th 
Monday 2nd June

This week we will be having lots of fun getting involved in pirate themed activities. We are going to read "Pirate Pete" and make our own pirate flags and eye patches. In phonics we are going to revise the sounds that we have learnt "s,a,t,p,i,n" and some of us will try to blend them together to create words.  We will also be clapping out rhythms for our own pirate names. In numeracy we will be working on our number recognition and practising finding one more/one less from a 
Monday 12th 
This week we will be reading more fish stories and exploring the patterns that we can create with shells. We will be looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes too and creating pictures and models out of shapes. During phonics we will be trying to blend some of our letter sounds 

Monday 28th April

This week we are going to be practicing one more and one less in numeracy and working on our number formation. We will be looking at fish patterns and making our very own paper plate fish too. In phonics we are clapping the syllables in our names and listening out carefully for the initial soun

Monday 21st April

This week will be an introduction to our "Sea and shore" topic and we'll be reading the story of "Tiddler". In numeracy we are trying to spot the missing numbers in a string and practicing our touch counting too.

Monday 31st March

This week we are going to be looking at the letter "N" and learning the Jolly Phonics song and action that goes with it.  In numeracy we are exploring capacity using different containers in the water tray and looking at more and less. We are also going to be baking some delicious Easter crispy 

will be discussing the characters, events and the setting at the beginning and end of the story. We will explore the language in the story and role-play the story to help with retelling

Monday 24th March

We are continuing with our dinosaur theme this week and carrying on linking letters to sounds looking closely at the letter "t". We are also going to make cards for someone special in the lead up to Mothers Day and planting some beautiful flowers.  In numeracy we are going to be comparing group of objects.  

Monday 17th March

This week we will be doing lots of dinosaur themed activities such as threading, sponge painting and will even be digging for dinosaur bones! We are going to be linking sounds to some of the letters that we know and trying to write some of them. In numeracy we will be continue to measure this week focussing on capacity.  

Monday 10th March

This week we will be reading "The Gingerbread Man" and comparing it to our story last week. We are also going to working in teams to make long  gingerbread man paper chains. In numeracy we're measuring using non-standard units.  

Monday 3rd March

We are going to be reading "The Big Pancake" story and also making pancakes and measuring out the ingredients carefully. We are also continuing our sharing activities using counters and 

Monday 24th February

We are going to be reading the story of "The Little Red Hen" this week, sequencing the story and discussing the characters within it. We are also sharing out food on plates and making sure it is done fairly.

Monday 10th February

This week we will be practicing our number correspondence by counting space ships and choosing the correctly numbered alien to be placed next to them. We are also going to be guessing what happens next in a book and creating Valentines pictures and cards.   

Monday 3rd February

Shape is our focus this week starting with the book "Bear in a square". We will be investigating shapes in our environment and taking photos with the Ipods and looking at properties of shape. Both inside and outside we will have lots of fun creating large scale shape models. Colour mixing on the tables will also give us a chance to discover what happens when we mix different colours together with our hands. 

Monday 27th January

This week we are going to be using bigger and smaller language during our numeracy sessions and ordering objects accordingly. We will also be making some delicious rock cakes with a space themed twist! We are starting a sound of the week and this week we'll be focusing on the "p" sound. 

Monday 20th January

This week we are going to be number detectives and continuing with our counting to 10 and beyond. We are also counting backwards from 10. We are also going to making our own sandwiches and having a picnic on the Moon just like Baby Bear and Owl in "Whatever Next!" In "Wiggle and Giggle" we will be doing the Rocket song and walking like spacemen! 

Monday 13th January

We really enjoyed discovering about space last week and this week we will be building on this by creating our very own space aliens! Our book of the week is "Aliens love Underpants" which is very funny so I'm sure you'll all love it. We are going to be practicing number recognition and ordering as well as building rockets out of shapes.  

Tuesday 7th January

This week we are going to be reading "Whatever Next" by Gill Murphy and doing some space pictures of our own. We will also be doing some space role play and playing a memory game based around our theme of space.