Crowle Primary Academy Head Boy and Head Girl

Crowle Primary Academy held its first democratic elections to elect a Head boy and a Head girl!

We held a very rigorous selection process.

Step 1

Candidates handed their application form in

Step 2

Interviews were held with Mrs Blakemore and Mrs Fawcett

Step 3

A zoom presentation to the whole school!

Step 4

Voting took place

We then counted the votes and announced our new Head Boy and Head Girl and deputy Head Boy and Head Girl. Mrs Hegarty had the pleasure of doing this announcement during a zoom assembly.

The head boy and Head girl then got busy with their new roles.


Please see below for a quick biography and chat with our new head boy and head girl.



Head Boy

I am in Y6 at Crowle Primary Academy and I love it! I wanted to be head boy because I am not shy and wanted to make sure that our voice is heard.

I enjoy football and spending time with my friends. I have enjoyed being able to guide Mrs Blakemore and Mrs Highton into purchasing new football nets for the playground – I hope you enjoy them!


Head Girl

I am currently in Y6 at Crowle Primary Academy. I really enjoy art and creating things. I have enjoyed being head girl so far because I have been involved in making decisions.

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