Owlets 2021 - 2022

Miss Fields

Welcome to the Owlets class page!


Our teacher is Miss Fields


We are a nursery class within a foundation unit that includes reception children. In the unit Mrs Silvester is the reception class teacher, Miss Fields is the Early Years Practitioner and Mrs Benson and Mrs Burkill are the teaching assistant. 

The adults within the unit support all of the children, we are like a little family who care and respect each other. We encourage the children to self regulate and show respect for themselves, their peers and each other. The children are encouraged to believe in themselves and to understand that when they make mistakes this shows that they are learning.

Childrens learning journeys are posted on Tapestry and parents are encouraged to comment on learning or add significant events and observations to their childs journal.

We look forward to sharing your childs early years with them and helping to support them to grow, achieve and become confident, independent individuals. 


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