At Crowle Primary Academy

We want children to think like mathematicians, not just DO the maths.


Maths at Crowle primary Academy.


At Crowle Primary Academy we use a mastery approach to teaching maths. This approach is research driven and meets the goals of the National Curriculm. This means that as a school we put number first, we work to develop our children’s confidence, following the Mastering Number approach in EYFS and KS1 (please see below for more information) allows our children to develop a secure sense of number. We actively encourage collaboration within maths sessions, developing children’s communication skills through their structured mathematical talk tasks. 


We are currently using Mastering Number in EYFS and KS1. This programme develops fluency in calculation and confidence and flexibility with number, this exemplifies good number sense and enables our children to become confident mathematicians.Children are able, through the programme to be able to clearly communicate their mathematical ideas, this helps to develop a positive attitude towards maths.


At Crowle Primary Academy we follw a CPA approach ( Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract ).Research shows that children develop as confident mathematicians when they follow a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach. This leads to a better understanding of abstract concepts.

Currently we use White Rose Maths as the spine for our maths curriculum.


Embedded within our maths teaching are maths review sessions. These sessions are retrieval based and allow children to consolidate understanding of mathematical concepts. Research has shown that retrieval practice helps children to improve their memory and recall, which then helps improve their application skills in maths.


Times tables are taught from Y2 – Y6. We actively teach children their times tables via daily sessions, with a consistent approach to the teaching of times tables across school.


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