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The staff at Crowle Primary Academy have a wide range of skills and experience.  The teaching staff are all committed to providing an interesting and varied curriculum for the children in their care.  The welfare of the children is looked after for by all staff who work hard to make Crowle such a pleasant and secure environment for them. The current staff are as follows;

Headteacher: Mrs Rhonda Blakemore 

Deputy Headteacher and SENDCO: Mrs Erica Fawcett

Business Manager: Mrs Michelle Stocks


Assistant Headteacher, Key Stage one lead and Foundation Stage lead: Mrs Trudy Parkin


Miss Kate Cheesmond (Nursery)

Mrs Lauren Silvester (Reception)

Mrs Cheryl Pearce (Year 1)

Mrs Trudy Parkin (Year 2)

Mrs Lucy Wilson (Year 3)

Mrs Cat Hegarty (Year 4)

Mrs Georgina Nightingale (Year 5)

Mrs Leanne Highton (Year 6)


Administrative Assistants: Mrs Caroline Worley

Administrative Assistant: Mrs Leanne Garlick

Inclusion Mentor: Mrs Jane Howden

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Elizabeth Jones

Support Staff: Mrs Rosemarie Jones, Mrs Jane Lee, Mrs Louise Burton, Mrs Melissa Fitter, Mrs Nicola Leek, Mrs Emma Curry, Miss Leah Fields, Miss Olivia Meechan, Mrs Sophie Sherwood


Rhonda Blakemore is the Designated Safeguarding lead (Child Protection).

The deputy designated safeguarding leads are;

Jane Howden (child protection)

Erica Fawcett (E-Safety, looked after and previously looked after children)


Caretaker: Mr Chris Knight

Assistant Caretaker:  Mrs Sarah Pashley

Senior Midday Supervisor: Mrs Sarah Pashley

Midday Supervisors: Mrs Donna Davis, Ms Samantha Brooksbank, Miss Jo Robinson. Mrs Kerry Taylor

Breakfast Club Supervisors:  Mrs Carol Witty, Mrs Sarah Pashley, Mrs Donna Davis

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