Information about remote education at Crowle Primary Academy

We use the school website for our remote learning provision through the virtual learning environment (VLE) built into it.  Pupils can access this by clicking on the Pupil Login button in the top left hand corner.  Click below to see how it works.

School spider pupil area tutorial

Crowle Primary Academy will provide remote education if:

  • Individuals or groups of pupils need to self-isolate, but the rest of the school is still open; or
  • There are local or national restrictions that mean most pupils need to stay at home.

We will also use the VLE regularly to set homework and ongoing learning throughout the year.

How does the School Spider VLE work?

School Spider's pupil area means they can pick up homework, complete it, upload for marking and engage in online class discussions.  

What sort of work will be set?

The work will be uploaded by the class teacher and will continue the learning that either was due to be taught in class (if the bubble is self-isolating or there is a partial school closure due to a national lockdown) or reflects the work being taught in class (for individual pupils self-isolating).  

This will be a mixture of live lessons, teacher produced resources and activities as well as commercially available online resources such as Oak National Academy, Spelling Frame, Purple Mash and Times Table Rockstars.  Whichever activity or resource best fits the learning will be chosen rather than just using one resource.

The activities set will be downloadable in formats that will be accessible to all (for example text may be put direct onto the activity page on school spider or converted to PDF rather than in a word document which not every device will be able to read). 

There will also be a range of activities to 'go off and do' to ensure that children are not having to sit in front of the screen all the time.  

We do not expect children to have to print anything off to be marked.  They can type straight into school spider, take a photo or save a document and upload it.  They will then get feedback on their work from their teacher.  

How can we help if your child does not have a digital device or internet access at home?

If your child does not have access to the internet or technology at home then please get in contact with us as there are several ways we can support to make sure that they get access to all the learning that they are entitled to including;

  • Loan of a school device (this may be a Chromebook or tablet and will require parents to sign a device loan agreement)
  • Provision of SIM cards or dongles to provide internet access
  • Printed work packs for your child to work through

How will we support you in making sure that your child engages with their remote learning?

We will check your child’s engagement in a number of ways including, monitoring who is attending live lessons, completed work that has been submitted/ uploaded and monitoring how your child is doing when accessing digital resources such as Times Table Rockstars.

If monitoring shows that your child is struggling to engage with their remote learning we will call you to find the best way to support your child.

We ask for your support with this by discussing your child’s remote learning with them and by helping them to set a good working routine when learning at home (the remote learning overview timetables – available to download below - should support you with this).

How will we assess your child’s work and progress?

Children will be assessed continually through a variety of strategies including; interactions with the teacher during live lessons, reviewing their learning that has been submitted and monitoring how your child has done on retrieval task and online quizzes. The teacher will use these strategies to plan further learning or provide your child with any support they may need.

Your child will receive feedback from the teacher so they know how they are doing and how they can improve. Feedback will be in a variety of forms including; whole class feedback, individual feedback on work, calls to your child to discuss their learning or work that is marked automatically by digital platforms.

Our remote learning timetables

During the period of national lockdown, when some children are attending school and some are learning at home we have devised remote learning timetables which enable us to align the learning that happens both at school and at home. Copies of the timetables are available to download below.

These timetables show the timings of teaching sessions each day. Weekly plans will then be available which will give details of the specific activities set for each session and the links to enable your child to access these.

Videos explaining each timetable are available by clicking on the links below.

Nursery and reception remote learning overview

Year 1 remote learning overview

Year 2 remote learning overview 

Year 3 and 4 remote learning overview

Year 5 and 6 remote learning overview


A short video explaining the weekly home learning plans is available here.


The documents available for download below include;

  • Our remote learning offer – giving you further details of our offer and details of what is expected from school, parents and pupils. 
  • Rose learning Trust Live Learning Agreement
  • Remote learning timetables for each phase in school
  • Other useful guides for school spider and Purple mash
  • The remote education policy
  • The frequently asked questions
  • Feedback and assessment during remote learning
  • Procedures and expectations for paper packs for learning 
  • The results of a perental survey about our remote education 

Other resources that you might find useful are;

A Crowle Primary Academy guide to using Zoom

Videos to help with the use of Tapestry

A parent's guide to school spider

Tutorial for use of the Oak National Academy maths lessons


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