At Crowle we believe handwriting is an essential skill which, like reading and spelling, effects written communication across the curriculum. We therefore teach the children to write in a cursive handwriting style because we believe that it:

  • helps children’s writing become clear, neat and fluent
  • stops confusion of where to begin a letter as they all start on the line ô°€ supports children move from printing to joining
  • helps children learn spelling patterns

Our aim is for all children, by year 6, to have a fluent, joined, cursive handwriting style. To attain this, pupils will be taught how to form letter shapes for both lower and upper case, through weekly modelled and guided practice. All teachers use the cursive handwriting scheme which teaches the letters and joins progressively. 

We encourage the children to adopt an effective pen hold, and check their posture is correct when writing. Good presentation of written pieces is expected across the curriculum. Pupils are also given opportunities to present their work using ICT. In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One all children use a pencil to write with and Key Stage Two children are provided with a pen.

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