School Vision

Believe and you can achieve

Our vision statement

When you walk into our school you feel the nurturing and happy atmosphere. You see that we care for our environment, it is safe and stimulating.

Step into a classroom to find teachers delivering inspirational lessons to independent learners who are confident in their own abilities and inquisitive to learn more.

Each child understands the learning journey they are on and the steps they need to take to get them there. They recognise that there will be some pits along the way but are resilient enough to keep going in order to reach their potential.

You find a building filled with a learning family who believe in themselves and know that when they do this they can achieve.

A school that places families, the community and their wellbeing at the heart of what we do.  

You see that when the children are ready to leave us at the end of their primary school journey, they are prepared for the next stage of their education and for life in the modern world.

Our Core Values

Unconditional positive regard





High aspirations

What is our school?
A poem written by the staff and governors of Crowle Primary Academy.

It’s the buzz, the passion, the feeling of pride in our academy

It’s the journey, the effort, the progress made

The thirst for knowledge

The small steps that turn into huge strides

United in a sense of belonging

Happy, secure and eager to succeed together

Inspired by the words of Sir Bobby Robson 


Year 5 and 6 thought about what the vision means for them. Have a look at what they said...

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