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We held a very successful school council meeting today. Decisions were made with regards to our agenda for the coming year - we'll keep you posted on what we will be working on! 


Children in need this year will be non-uniform and dots! 


October 2022


We have successfully elected our new school council. As their first job, school council met with Mrs Blakemore to discuss the new homework policy.


Autumn 2022

Elections for school council have now started! We should have our new School Council in place by Friday 30th September ready to move forward in this new academic year.

Spring 2022


School Council are researching whether we should design a school water bottle for pupils to purchase - this would have our school owl on! We are working towards creating a uniform exchange 'shop' where you can donate good quality items of school uniform and take items you currently need - this will form part of our Eco Schools work.


Autumn 2021


School Coucil had a busy term! We organised CPA response to Children in Need, met with Mrs. Blakemore to discuss a variety of items - including becoming an Eco School and held interviews to discuss Brain Breaks!




CPA held their first school council meeting today and set our agenda for the year. We have great ideas for the upcoming year - including forming an Eco Warrior group to facilitate our school becoming as ecologically friendly as it can be. It looks like we will have a very busy and exciting year ahead.


Update Autumn 2021

Crowle Primary Academy held democratic elections this week to elect their new school council representative.

Children from Y2-Y6 were given the opportunity to present their manifestos to their class. The class then voted for the candidate they felt would be the best representative for their class. The elected officials were announced in assembly on Friday morning.


Well done to all those who took part, it take courage to stand before your peers and present a manifesto.



Update  Spring 2021


Due to current restrictions, we have decided to change how our school council works. We will continue to have a representative in each class from Y2-Y6, however we are moving forward by creating a Y6 school parliament. 

The Y6 school parliament, in partnership with the school council, will seek to involve everyone in everything! 

Our School Council is made up of a representative from each class from Y2-Y6. The council representative is democratically voted for at the start of each academic year.

Our School Council meet regularly and discuss issues about our everyday school life. We also discuss current issues on our agenda with our whole class and feed this back to the meeting of the School Council and to the Headteacher and Chair of Governors. 

September 2020 has a posed a few problems for our school council. We have always valued the council being made up of an elected official from each year group from Y2-Y6, however current restrictions have made meeting a little more difficult. Not to be deterred we held our elections at the start of the new academic year and we have held our first meeting via zoom! 

Please see our minutes and agendas below:




We had a very busy meeting via zoom – initially we were a little nervous about this new way of meeting; however we soon overcame the nerves and started a healthy discussion.  We have decided as a council that we will meet every fortnight.

New restrictions have meant staggered breaks and lunches. The council felt now was a vital time to ensure the following was occurring in classrooms.

  • WUASU to occur in classrooms
  • Brain Breaks to occur throughout the day
  • Well-being time to be used to promote a healthy balance between healthy mind and healthy body
  • Play equipment to be taken out at playtime – and looked after
  • Games to be sign posted in the classroom – school council will make posters to display in their rooms.


We feel a meeting with Mrs Blakemore would help start the physical break ball rolling so have asked Mrs Hegarty to arrange this.




Please see our minutes and agendas below:

Meeting with Mrs Blakemore 10th February
After a very successful meeting with Mrs Blakemore today school council have emailed staff to begin to implement the following actions, to ensure all our children are active throughout the school day.

  • WUASU to occur in classrooms 2-3 times each week 

  • Brain Breaks to occur throughout the day

  • Well-being time to be used to promote a healthy balance between healthy mind and healthy body

We have a further suggestion however we will need to discuss this with Mrs Highton  prior to implementation.

School Council will then meet with children from across school at the end of the spring term to discuss the changes that have occurred.

Meeting 5th February
We discussed  the need to meet Mrs Blakemore, so we can present our findings and offer a solution that would be easily adapted to fit into the already busy school day. Meeting booked for Feb 10th.

We discussed the meeting Mrs Highton has requested -  school council will meet with Mrs Highton when she is available. We have emailed her and now await a response.

Having discussed sport Relief on 9 - 13 March, school council felt that because we have several other sponsored events occurring during the next few terms we would not be participating in this event.

Next meeting - behaviour at lunchtimes 

Meeting 4th December 
This week the children held a meeting with Mrs Highton to discuss their concerns around whether children are active enough during the school day. We had a list to discuss and Mrs Highton agreed with the points raised and had some very useful suggestions.

Our next step is to request a meeting with Mrs Blakemore, so we can present our findings and offer a solution that would be easily adapted to fit into the already busy school day.

A busy few weeks!

We have had a very busy few weeks! During the last few weeks we have met for quick meetings and updates at least once a week. This was because we wanted to complete the Children's Anti Bullying policy in time to present in assembly at the start of anti-bullying week. We needed to have lots of creative meetings to ensure we completed the task perfectly! The School Council made me immensely proud by presenting their policy to the whole school during assembly on Monday 11th November! 

Meeting Monday 25th November
Following our meeting today we will be looking at active 30, are we active enough during the day? We have scheduled a meeting with Mrs Highton ( PE Lead) on Wednesday 4th December to discuss our thoughts and ideas before we request a meeting with Mrs Blakemore. It looks like another busy few weeks ahead.

School Council Comic Relief Assembly 11.3.19
The School Council led an assembly to inform the school how we are fundraising for comic relief. They did a fantastic job delivering the assembly and explained who the money will help.

School Council lead an assembly
The School Council led an assembly today discussing changes they have made to improve school lunches and the lunchtime experience.  Well done everyone.

School Council visit Broughton Primary School
Our School Council, Cook, Senior Lunchtime Supervisor, 2 Governors and Head went to visit Broughton Primary School.  The School Council and children of the academy want to improve our school dinners, and we were recommended to visit Broughton Primary as they have a really good uptake of lunches - meaning the dinners must be good!

Our School Council met with Broughton's School Council and the children went off to sample a lunchtime experience, and have a look around the beautiful newly built and refurbished school - armed with IPads to take lots of pictures (see below).

Broughton were lovely hosts, and showed us everything and discussed what they liked about their dinners.  We could see they had a lot of choice - main courses, deserts, salads, wraps and lots of vegetables (we counted 8!) - the children aim to be really healthy and know they have to take at least two vegetables.  We really enjoyed our dinner.

We were treated after lunch to watching Broughton children 'perform' their Chinese exercise routine - they did it so well and we could see the benefits of this exercise.

When we got back to the academy, we made a list of everything we liked and we are going to meet with North Lincs catering and our staff to see what we can introduce to make improvements to our dinners.  Watch this space!

Many thanks to Mr Hargreaves and Broughton's School Council for allowing us to look around their wonderful school - we loved our dinner and seeing the amazing art work.  You were great hosts and we look forward to returning the hospitality at our academy after Christmas.

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