This page is currently under development as we review our curriculum throughout the 2020/2021 academic year. It will be periodically updated with new information. If there are details not yet on this page you would like to know about please ask the school office. 

Curriculum intent and implementation
We have provided an overview of the content and organisation of our curriculum below. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Our curriculum is progressive and underpinned by an understanding of how children learn and how knowledge is assimilated into long term memory. Based upon the National Curriculum, it is subject driven and built upon to address the needs of our localised community. Curriculum development (both academic and social/ emotional) is underpinned by research. We have an evidence informed approach to teaching and learning. 

Crowle Primary Academy curriculum is based on a rich accumulation of knowledge and the skills and attributes that contribute to success. It aims at developing the whole child: intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.  We provide opportunities through a wide range of activities, both in and beyond the classroom. Through first-hand experience, we endeavour to educate and celebrate the whole child.

We recognise that we need to develop children's knowledge of themselves as learners through use of self-regulation and metacognition. â€‹We teach strategies for children to organise their knowledge; how to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning as well as attending to their motivations​. 

Throughout 2020-21 we have developed a subject recovery curriculum to allow for missed learning during the Coronavirus pandemic (this can be found in the overview section of this page). 

Organisation of the curriculum
The curriculum at Crowle Primary Academy is organised into discrete areas; 

  •   English and maths are taught daily and hold a priority position in our curriculum.

  •  The teaching of humanities (history and geography), science and creative subjects (art and design/ design and technology) is focused on the acquisition of key knowledge which is outlined in our knowledge organisers.

  • Other subjects such as computing, E-safety, religious education, French, music and PSHE  are unique in their approach and have specific guidance/ programmes for their implementation. 

Autumn Term 2020

As we return to full school opening from Spetember 2020, following the partial closure during the pandemic, we have needed to ensure that the curriculum meets the differing needs of the children at this time. We have therefore developed our CALM curriculum which will be followed for the first 4 weeks of the term (longer if needed). This is based on research and knowldege of what our children need. Details of this can be found in the downloads section at the bottom of the page. 

Screening and formative assessment during this time will help us develop a sound knowledge of the gaps in learning that the children have. We will then be able to detail the speanding plan for the catch up funding supplied by the government. Details of this will follow. 

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